After a lady claimed she felt ‘like a lesser human’ during her PIP interview, a charity is demanding action.


After a lady claimed she felt ‘like a lesser human’ during her PIP interview, a charity is demanding action.

A DISABILITY CHARITY is urging the government to take action after discovering that every minute of the day, an erroneous judgment on disability benefits is overturned.

Scope, a disability organisation, has spoken to thousands of its members, including Carol, a 44-year-old from Leeds who suffers from osteoarthritis, ADHD, and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. She has spoken up about how the assessment process left her feeling “like a lesser human” and that it needs to be reformed.

Carol Vickers has been claiming PIP for several years, but her benefits were reduced at her most recent assessment, preventing her from going to work or attending medical appointments.

“I used to get lower rates for daily living and movement,” she told Scope, “but the mobility part was completely removed during my review evaluation.”

“I objected because my medical records reveal that my left hip is shattered and deformed, and I am under the supervision of an orthopaedic surgeon.”

“Because I mentioned my assistance dog retrieves products from low shelves in supermarkets, I was told that this was proof that I can move around a store.”

The woman from Leeds claimed that she explained that she couldn’t walk even a few steps without discomfort, but that her remarks went unheard.

“My assessor didn’t appear to think pain was an issue, despite the fact that I had an obvious limp and explained how walking took its toll,” she stated.

“Even a short trip exhausts and sores me, and I suffer the price the next day.”

“But none of it mattered to her; all she cared about was whether or not I could put one foot in front of the other.”

Despite supplying the contact information for the medical professionals who cared for her, the woman believes no one was called for their expert opinion.

She also stated that her evaluation report was outrageously wrong and “clearly contradicted what had happened at the appointment.”

She used the Mandatory Reconsideration process to protest the report, but she said it made no difference.

“I didn’t file a full appeal because I was fatigued after the procedure,” Carol explained.

“The entire reassessment experience had left me distraught, angry, and exhausted.”

“The entire system makes me nervous, and I’m concerned about my future security,” says Brinkwire Summary News.


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