After a booking issue was fixed, a couple received flight refunds from the agent – The Crusader


After a booking issue was fixed, a couple received flight refunds from the agent – The Crusader

Their once-in-a-lifetime journey to Latin America has yet to take place, but the £2,500 they purchased for airfares is on its way back to them. The wait has been lengthy, and before Lauren and Ben Hooper approached Crusader, finding a lost city in the Amazon seemed as unlikely as finding a lost city in the Amazon.

Last year, the couple used to book various tickets with EU, US, and Latin American carriers for July and August. They had previously been satisfied customers of the Czech Republic-based agent. However, due to international Covid travel restrictions, Lauren and Ben were unable to fly, and most flights were cancelled or delayed by nearly a day.

Lauren and Ben hung in there as well, accepting Kiwi’s first explanation that they were waiting for the airlines to repay them.

However, after six months of no development, Lauren contacted one of the airlines, Norwegian Air. She told Crusader, “It indicated they had reimbursed Kiwi last summer, and we were startled and dismayed that it had not been passed on to us.”

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Redress through their credit card companies also fell by the wayside, as they were past the 120-day deadline for filing a claim.

More than two million UK passengers are still waiting for flight refunds, according to estimates. If they fly from the UK or an EU country, or with a UK or EU-based operator that cancels, they must pay within seven days.

Crusader went after Kiwi, which responded immediately, stating that the Norwegian Air refund had been passed on, albeit it was still waiting for other airlines to pay up. It then promptly repaid the couple in full.

“We apologize for the lengthy and complicated refund process,” a representative added. “We’ve been battling various airlines for monetary returns for our customers.”

Kiwi informed Lauren that an issue had been discovered while modifying refund processes to accommodate Covid limits and delays. Her Norwegian Air refund had been delayed as a result of this.

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