After a £6,000 loan from their grandmother, Candy Brothers made £1.5 billion.


BROTHERS Nicholas and Christian Candy took the luxury property industry by storm, gaining a £1.5billion joint net worth in the process, but how did they do it?

The Candy brothers bought their very first property in 1995, at the age of 22 and 21 respectively, with a £6,000 loan from their grandmother. What started as a side hustle for the pair has turned into a billion-pound international business and has made the Candy Brothers some of the richest property developers in the UK.

In the modern economy it does seem impossible to make money without having it in the first place, but the Candy brothers, who only started building their fortunes in the 1990’s is proof of the opposite.

The Candy brothers started their lives in Surrey, where their father ran an art studio and advertising production firm.

Both brothers initially started university, with Nicholas going for a degree in Human Geography and Christian studying business management, however only Nicholas completed his studies.

While neither had specialised in property or renovation of any sort, they quickly became trailblazers in the industry, creating the first fingerprint recognition door locks and a host of other unique innovations.

In 1995 the pair bought a one-bedroom flat in Redcliffe Square, Earl’s Court, London to both live in and renovate.

Just 18 months later they sold it for £172,000, making an incredible £50,000 on their very first sale.

Spotting the profitability of this industry, the brothers continued renovating flats in their spare time between 1995 and 1999, working their way up the property ladder.

Their second purchase saw an even higher profit margin and the pair realised the ideal strategy they had stumbled upon: buying downtrodden properties, then renovating them to the highest standard to get a decent turn around.

At the time, Nicholas was working in advertising for J. Walter Thompson and Christian was an investment banker.

Together they established Candy & Candy in 1999, of which Nicholas is still the CEO. The brothers collaborated on many prestigious areas, from Hyde Park to Beverly Hills.

Despite having started with no experience, the brothers have become known for their high-end properties, which weren’t hit as hard during the recession, and have created a legacy company.

The brothers worked on countless projects together but some of their most notable properties were One Hyde Park, Gordon House and Chelsea Barracks.

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