According to the family butler, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are’stabbing royals in the back.’


According to the family butler, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are’stabbing royals in the back.’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been chastised for utilizing their royal connections as they enter the realm of celebrity, according to Paul Burrell, who has worked for the Queen herself.

According to a former butler, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are’stabbing the Royal Family in the back’ by leveraging their royal connections after stepping down.

After admirers saw something during the Sussexes’ recent trip to New York, Paul Burrell, who worked for the Queen and Princess Diana, said the Sussexes are incorrectly ‘blurring the borders between royalty and fame.’

Following their multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, Harry was seen with a microphone hanging out of his trousers, prompting speculation that he and Meghan were filming for the streaming site.

Despite the fact that the trip was their first public appearance since standing down as working royals at the beginning of last year, it wasn’t the first time they’d been in the news recently.

Harry is set to print his memoir next year, outlining what he believes is a “exact and entirely genuine” version of the royal rupture, in addition to the explosive Oprah Winfrey interview in March this year.

In an interview with Closer magazine, Paul stated of the Sussexes’ celebrity status: “The fact that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors contributes to the royal attraction and popularity.

“People adore hearing about Harry and Meghan’s private lives because it’s startling and sensational.

“They are stabbing Harry’s family in the back and furthering the breach by playing on these relationships. I expect Harry’s book to be even more stunning than what he’s already said, as the publishers will want it.” He went on to say that “trying to blur the lines between being royal and being celebrities” doesn’t work, and that the Sussexes are only intriguing because they are royal.

In exchange for standing down as royals, Harry and Meghan have secured a slew of lucrative deals.

Deals with Netflix and Spotify were valued at $150 million (£110 million) and $25 million (£18.2 million) respectively last year.

Harry has also been named Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp, a mental health consulting organization.

This week, the couple was revealed as “impact partners” and investors in Ethic, a sustainable investment firm on Wall Street.

The couple is thought to have been brought to the asset manager by friends, although it’s unclear how much they’ve invested or what they’ve invested in. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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