According to British ‘Elon Musk,’ we need to be more Thatcher-like and put business first.


According to British ‘Elon Musk,’ we need to be more Thatcher-like and put business first.

A TECH mogul dubbed the “British Elon Musk” has called for a new spirit of Thatcherism to aid the country’s recovery from the recession. If we followed former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s “business first” philosophy, there would be “loads of opportunities,” according to millionaire Martin Warner. Mr Warner, 49, is the founder of a number of businesses in the United Kingdom and the United States, and he wants the government to offer incentives for entrepreneurs.

Tax advantages for businesses, entrepreneurship grants, and enterprise zones are among them. “There will be a plethora of opportunities,” Mr Warner said. The problem is figuring out what to do now that the furlough is over.”

He went on to say that we should replicate Margaret Thatcher’s 1980s corporate reform, adding, “Privatisation worked because of Thatcherism.”

“At the end of the day, they’re looking for job creators, but we’ve learnt that we can’t rely on import jobs from Apple and others. As a result, you must start from the ground up.

“It’s preferable to have 200-300,000 enterprises employing anywhere from five to twenty people over the next ten years than to prop up a few huge corporations.

“It’s up to them to spread innovation. They must think in this manner, or we shall be left behind.

“However, they will have to think carefully about those incentives when they open up all of the other markets.”

US-based Mr. Warner is the CEO of aircraft development Autonomous Flight and indie film platform Flix Premiere, based in Biggin Hill, Kent.

He also pioneered business mentoring and organizes entrepreneurship courses that have assisted over 250,000 people in advancing their careers.

Now, Grammy Award-winning British DJ and record producer Jax Jones, speaking to launch a new podcast, says the pandemic caught everyone off guard.

“Everyone got caught with their pants down,” Mr Warner added. However, mistakes are unavoidable; it’s human nature.

“What fascinates me about human resilience and capital is that we always manage to find a path forward.”

“The way the Government has treated the night-time economy is disgusting,” Jax, 33, said, adding that movies, music, and the arts need assistance to recover. It makes a significant contribution to [GDP].

“We’ve always felt like second-class citizens, despite the fact that we’re as vital as sporting events.”


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