‘A win-win situation’ Mum recalls assisting “struggling” Britons in earning “hundreds of thousands of pounds.”


‘A win-win situation’ Mum recalls assisting “struggling” Britons in earning “hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

CHARLOTTE PEARCE and her company, Inkpact, have enabled cancer patients earn money from home by writing handwritten messages.

Charlotte Pearce launched Inkpact in 2015, a firm that provides consumers with handwritten, personalized marketing letters. Inkpact now works with some major businesses to help them connect with their customers after six years.

Ms Pearce had to rethink Inkpact and its business approach during the pandemic.

The epidemic produced major problems for Inkpact, which was previously reliant on being able to transmit notes to workplace addresses.

90% of Inkpact’s business vanished virtually quickly as a result of the Covid issue.

Rather than dwelling on this, Ms Pearce and her co-founder, Andrew Martin, opted to do some good while deciding on the company’s future trajectory.

They poured themselves into a heartfelt effort, using Inkpact’s network of scribes in the UK and the US to handwrite almost 2,000 letters to those in care homes and those who were isolated and lonely.

The response was enormous, motivating them to focus on the next stage of their business: retail and the everyday customer, having witnessed the power of their notes.

These handwritten notes, according to Ms Pearce, 29, had a significant impact on the brands that employed them.

“People spent 30% more if they received a handwritten message vs an email, more people came back, and they would rave about it on social media,” she said.

Since its inception, the company has grown significantly in scale, starting out as only Ms Pearce and her cousin.

“Last year, we increased by 100% over the previous year, and this year, we grew by 150 percent. It’s incredible, especially in the midst of a pandemic.”

Inkpact now works with big brands like John Lewis and Brewdog to provide personalized notes to their customers.

Ms Pearce explained, “We’re now the only company in the world that can distribute hundreds of thousands of authentically handwritten messages.”

“We’ve sent notes to more than 123 nations throughout the world. We have approximately 1,000 scribes and can write in a variety of languages.”

Single mothers, cancer survivors, COVID-19 victims, artists, teachers, and others are among the authors.

Ms. Pearce is particularly proud of Inkpact’s assistance of people in the United Kingdom.

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