A warning has been issued after an England fan lost £1,200 in a’shocking’ ticket fraud.


A warning has been issued after an England fan lost £1,200 in a’shocking’ ticket fraud.

Fans of EURO 2020 are understandably trying to secure tickets for today’s final at Wembley Stadium in London, where England will face Italy. However, there have been multiple warnings regarding ticket scams in the run-up to it.

Many football enthusiasts have gone to social media to alert others about the scams. One England supporter has lost £1,200 as a result of the situation.

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“Before you buy euro tickets from anyone on here, do your research, unlike me..” they added. #EURO2020 #Euro2020Final #euro2020tickets #ENG #ITA #EuroFinal #scam.” £1.2k down #EURO2020 #Euro2020Final #euro2020tickets #ENG #ITA #EuroFinal #scam.”

In response to the shocking news, a Twitter user wrote: “Shocking… People should feel bad about themselves… “Who was it, exactly?”

A Twitter account has been set up to name and shame accounts attempting to sell bogus tickets for England games at Wembley Stadium in the aim of preventing others from falling prey to the scam.

“SCAMMER ALERT Many of the accounts we uncover then perform a little name change on account, a scammer will tweet, scam, remove the tweet, then repeat!” the @WembleyTickets account recently warned.

“Ninety-nine percent of Twitter tickets are counterfeit. #ENGvITA #England #EnglandvsItaly #euro2020 #euro2020tickets #finaltickets.” #ENGvITA #England #EnglandvsItaly #euro2020 #euro2020tickets #finaltickets

On Friday, Action Fraud posted a notice on Twitter about bogus tickets and related scams.

“Reminder: third-party ticketing sites and secondary ticketing platforms are not authorized to sell tickets for #EURO2020 #ticketfraud,” according to the advisory.

All tickets for the UEFA EURO 2020 are supplied by UEFA, according to Action Fraud.

“Any tickets posted for sale on secondary ticketing systems, social media, or marketplaces are in violation of the ticket terms and are subject to cancellation.”

Another Twitter user responded to the tweet by saying they had been scammed and lost £1,200.

“Hello, I was a victim of a £1200 #englandTicket scam,” they wrote.

“I discovered the same folks, but with a different profile. Please DM me.”

Last month, Action Fraud issued a notice advising individuals to exercise caution when purchasing festival and event tickets online.

According to the national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime, ticket fraud has cost about £1 million so far this year.

According to the Action Fraud database, 1,085 reports of ticket fraud have been filed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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