A very rare used Xbox Series X is being sold on Amazon for more than $900! Is this a mistake or a genuine offer?


Xbox Series X, Series S, as well as PlayStation 5, are still pretty difficult to acquire since units are still insufficient to meet consumers’ demands.

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Aside from many customer competitors, you also need to deal with scalpers hoarding huge numbers of these popular gaming gadgets. Because of its popularity, those who were able to purchase them are now selling them at a high price.

This is normal if the reseller is an individual or a scalper. However, the scenario would be quite unusual if the overpriced product comes from a giant retailer, which is supposed to offer it a lower price.

Right now, various sources confirmed that Amazon is offering Xbox Series X units at a very high and unreasonable price. Because of this, various critics are now asking why the giant e-commerce company is doing this.

Overpriced Xbox Series X Sold by Amazon?

According to Kotaku’s latest report, used Xbox Series X units are currently being sold by Amazon for more than $900. Some of the offered gaming consoles even cost almost $1,000.

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Amazon is supposed to be selling Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 at their original prices. If that’s the case, the retailer should offer it for only $500, excluding the shipping fee and other hidden charges.

However, some experts explained that Amazon does not actually sell the offered overpriced Xbox Serie X consoles. The retailer’s name only appears because of an alleged coding error, which dozens of scalper-made listings might have caused.

As of the moment, the best thing you can do as a consumer is checking if the price is reasonable so that you can make sure that the consoles are actually offered by Amazon or other giant e-commerce companies or online stores. Remember, if the retail platform itself sells a product, then the price should be the original one or even lower since most of them include discounts.

Xbox Series X’s Latest Availability

Video Game Chronicles reported that the popular Xbox Series X is currently available at GameStop.

Consumers can have it by availing Xbox All Access bundle. However, you still need to check if units are left since restocks only last for a few days or even hours.

Various experts claimed. Brinkwire Summary News.


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