A scam alert has been issued for consumers who withdraw money from ATMs.


A scam alert has been issued for consumers who withdraw money from ATMs.

Anyone withdrawing money from a cash machine in the United Kingdom has been issued a WARNING.

Fraudsters have been caught on camera tampering with bank machines in an attempt to defraud individuals of their money. Scammers are presently utilizing dual-purpose cash machines to gain access to withdrawals, deceiving clients into thinking there is just one box for both withdrawals and deposits by covering the ATM’s withdrawal slot with a plastic cover.

According to Lancashire Live, the consumer is led to assume the cash point is out of operation because no money is dispensed, despite the fact that there is a second withdrawal slot.

The con artist can then approach the machine, open the cover over the correct dispenser, and collect the money when the consumer walks away.

Customer Hasan Mahmood is seen in a video questioning why his money was not dispensed before noticing a sign above the ATM that reads deposits are now out of service.

The customer is led to believe that the deposit box is the identical one from which cash is dispensed – which is currently broken.

He then discovers a plastic top on a different component of the cash machine, which he peels off to reveal his cash.

The consumer in the video used a cash station at the Nationwide Building Society, but other banks that use deposit boxes are likely to be affected as well.

Customers should always look for suspicious activities before withdrawing cash in public, according to the building society.

“The type of occurrence seen in the video, while rare, can happen to ATMs anywhere at any time,” a representative stated. To combat these types of scams, Nationwide has implemented a number of safeguards.

“However, as the video shows, it is critical that consumers be attentive and check for any suspicious gadgets when using ATMs, particularly those located outside,” says the author.

In the aftermath of this, several additional institutions have issued client alerts, including Santander, which advised customers to check for suspicious behavior before inputting their card or pin information.

“Using a cashpoint is easy, convenient, and nearly always safe,” a spokesman added. However, fraudsters have been known to tamper with cash dispensers in order to steal your card information, PIN, or cash.

“When using an ATM, always be careful — search for any signs that it has been tampered with or damaged.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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