‘A fantastic bonus’ Can you make hundreds of dollars with old stuff, according to a mother of two?


‘A fantastic bonus’ Can you make hundreds of dollars with old stuff, according to a mother of two?

MOTHER OF TWO IN NOTTINGHAM Holly Robinson understands the hardship of parents as the school year approaches and all of its associated costs, so she shared some of her favorite ways to save and earn additional money in the lead-up to the new school year.

According to the Schoolwear Association, a basic uniform can cost parents more than £100 per child on average.

CashLady.com spoke with a number of Instagram moms to get their best back-to-school money-saving and side-hustle advice.

Ms Robinson is well aware of the new school year’s costs, as she not only has two sons to prepare for, but she also works in a school.

She shared her finest tips and tactics with CashLady.com, revealing how she saves an average of £150 every month.

Earn £30 and save £20 with Depop.

“Depop is one of my favorite methods to save money – I’ve found it to be much easier and more profitable than a lot of other resale sites,” she said.

“It’s simple to list goods you don’t wear anymore, and the items you’re selling don’t have an expiration date.”

“It’s a fantastic bonus when you get a notification out of nowhere that you’ve sold something! I easily make £30 every month on average.”

While it may not appear to be much on a monthly basis, this adds up to £360 in extra cash each year, which is boosted by the fact that she buys all of her clothes on Depop as well, saving an average of £20 per month.

“Depop is my most successful means of saving money when buying clothes because there are so many brand new and only worn once goods being sold there.”

Earn £25 by renting clothes.

This is more for products that aren’t likely to be worn on a regular basis but might get a little more use than the outfits on Depop.

“I use a professional rental site that charges a 15% commission, but that includes insurance and repairs as well.

“It’s a lot easier to use than I expected, and I usually save approximately 20% off the RRP of an item. I made about £300 last year.”

Save £50 by swapping children’s clothes.

Many parents find it difficult to keep up with their children’s rapid growth, especially when it comes to keeping them suitably dressed.

Fortunately, Ms Robinson has the ideal answer. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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