A delivery truck named “Morrisons” struck my car – but it turned out to be Ocado.


I left my house in early November to find that my car’s front fender had been smashed. A friend, thankfully, had left a note on my window.

Apparently, a Morrisons delivery truck smashed into my car the night before and sped off without stopping. Later that day, I called Morrisons customer service, who forwarded my information and pictures of the damage to the insurance team.

Ever since, I have not seen anything.

I got an estimate for the repair (over £ 1,400) and multiple times contacted customer service (usually on hold for more than 20 minutes).

The email answers say “someone will get back to me” but no one ever does.

I don’t have time and don’t feel like if it wasn’t my fault, I could follow this up. RS, London W7 The first thing we were thinking about was how you could say it was certainly a Morrisons van. Your witness did not take a photo, but was able to include his details in the police report you wrote. Morrisons assured us that the complaint was thoroughly investigated and found that the van was not working.

Morrisons separately stated to you that it was an outsourced delivery to Ocado, but the van carried the Morrisons livery, so it was a matter for Morrisons to deal with.

“Due to the high volume of inquiries received, this complaint has taken longer to process than it normally would and we are really sorry that it has been held up. We always strive to make things right, but in this case we got it wrong. The operator’s insurance team is working to resolve the matter. “This complaint has taken longer to process than it normally would because of the high volume of inquiries received, and we are very sorry that it has been held up. We always aim to make it right, but we got it wrong in this case. The insurance team of the operator

In the meantime, the insurance provider has decided to settle the dispute as a no-fault loss, so your premium will not rise. Bizarrely, you were approached by an insurance firm working on behalf of Morrisons (not Ocado) to ask for information. You’re not going to be out of pocket, but you were not meant to be ripped off like this over an argument that wasn’t your fault…. And a final goodbye… I am stepping down from the Customer Champions column after seven and a half years of sharing the hot seat with Miles Brignall as I quit the Guardian.

I want to thank you for sending your problems to us.

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