A couple is taken aback after learning how to save £9,100 and purchase their “dream home.”


A couple is taken aback after learning how to save £9,100 and purchase their “dream home.”

SAVE MONEY BY SHOPPING WELL. Joanna Page and Melanie Sykes helped George and Ross, both 24, achieve their ambition of owning a property by proposing swaps to help them save money while attempting to save for their first mortgage.

Because they are continuously dealing with clients and publishing on social media, image is highly essential to this fashion-conscious duo. However, all of this adds up, and saving money isn’t easy to come by. Ross and George, on the other hand, may save nearly £9,000 if they follow the Shop Well for Less team’s recommendations.

Image is crucial for Ross, who owns a cushion and interior design company, and George, who owns a hair salon.

The couple places a high value on appearance and will spend money on clothes, trainers, spa days, and personal grooming to achieve this.

Their apartment has its own social media account, so they spend money on images, mirrors, and house plants to keep their profile active.

“We need to buy something new; we need to upload something new,” Ross explained, “but it’s worth it, and people are noticing the hard work.”

It’s worth it to spend £80 on a chair we’ll probably never sit in, but it’s in the photo.

“Our spending is obviously out of hand; we buy so much stuff that is neither necessary nor desirable.”

The couple is ready to move out of their rented Leicester apartment and begin saving for a home.

George shops for garments online for an average of £50 every week. They squander their paychecks as soon as they receive them, leaving little money for savings.

They’ve spent about £7,000 on accessories such as house plants and furniture in their property alone, with £800 going toward their huge corner sofa.

George and Ross had intended to purchase a new sofa when they relocated, but by taking it with them, they may add to their savings account.

Furthermore, the pair has over 80 plants in their flat, which cost £900, but they can get some actual plants for free and save £254 by shopping at a community plant exchange.

When the pair adds up their shoes, clothes, and online shopping, they could practically save £15,000. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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