A council tax warning has been issued, as failure to pay a monthly payment reminder will result in a hefty bill.


Missing a monthly payment reminder will result in a hefty bill, according to council tax warnings.

COUNCIL TAX is an annual fee you pay to your local government to help fund services like schools, social services, community centers, street lighting, youth centers, and libraries.

Even police, fire, public transportation, and domestic waste collection are covered by council tax.

It is not, however, used to pay for health-care services.

The amount a person must pay is determined by their personal circumstances as well as the property’s valuation band.

If a person fails to make a payment, the council will send a reminder notice two weeks after the payment is missed.

They have seven days to pay the council tax.

They do not need to do anything else if it is paid within seven days.

The debt will be forgiven automatically, and they will be able to pay council tax in installments again.

If the billpayer does not pay within seven days, the entire year’s council tax will be due.

If they miss another council tax payment, they will receive a second reminder notice.

People will only receive two reminder notices per fiscal year, which runs from April 1 to March 31 the following year.

If a person misses a payment for the third time, the council will send a final notice requiring them to pay the entire year’s council tax.

If they do not pay within seven days of receiving the final notice, the council will typically seek permission from the courts to collect the debt.

A liability order is the official name for the final notice.

If there is no other way to recover the debt, the council may send a bailiff to a person’s home.

The billpayer will also be responsible for the court fees if the court grants the council a liability order.

Benefit payments such as Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Pension Credit, and Universal Credit can also be taken by the court.

If you still don’t pay, the council can have your employer deduct the unpaid council tax from your pay.

In most cases, a person will pay council tax in ten monthly installments, with a two-month gap between payments.

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