50 new restaurant jobs: Family Glasgow opens a pizzeria in the St. James neighborhood of Edinburgh



A Glasgow restaurant family launched its first venture in the Scottish capital at a “spectacular” £ 1 billion restaurant that Danielle Fleming has been developing since the beginning of the year.

She and sibling Ryan Dexter are recruiting 50 employees in the St. James Quarter for the new Salerno Pizza room, a prominent location in next spring’s big shopping, dining and leisure creation, after father Alan helped steer their ambitious project.

When the pandemic hit, they had just closed the deal.

“Ms. Fleming said, “St. James is something that has been debated for a long time in my family, and my father Alan was very interested in becoming involved. From the beginning, he pursued the project as something he thought would be a fantastic and special opportunity, and he believed that somehow we had to be part of it.

“So we took a unit on the fourth floor, the food and beverage and leisure floor.”

Family company Dexter opens a restaurant in Edinburgh

A curved stairway that curves around the side of the W Hotel and leads to the fourth floor is one way to reach the restaurant.

In the St. James area, the W Hotel.

Brands such as the SushiSamba restaurant group and Bonnie & Wild will be situated between movie theaters and bowling facilities, while Salerno will occupy a luxury floor area of 3,500 square feet.

“It’s enormous, but thrilling. “We want to try to put in about 130 socially spaced seats,” Ms. Fleming said.

We expect to step forward with plans to make it fairly collaborative in seating, whether that begins with the tier system’s creation or whether it has to be non-distant.

“Hopefully, it will be next spring.”

The restaurant will sell pizza only.

Ryan Barrie is hiring Bonnie & Wild in the St. James Quarter for Edinburgh’s “first food and drink marketplace”

“The whole concept is based on Neapolitan pizza and the artisan process, so we wanted to bring that to the fore,” he said.

The whole concept is based on Italian cuisine that is very plain, very traditional, and that’s all we’re going to deliver on the spot, so pizza, wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, a small range of Italian desserts, and that’s us.

“We’re going to start with about 50 people, possibly. It’s difficult to predict. Hopefully, it will be well attended when we open in the spring, and we think it’ll coincide well with the end of the curfew.

“We anticipate having a fairly large team at the front desk and a fairly small team in the kitchen,” he said.

All the chefs are Italian and over the past year we have worked very closely with an Italian chef to establish our recipes and style and to know exactly what we want to accomplish, and consistency is absolutely important.

“It’s our biggest team yet.”

At Barca Tapas, NY American Grill and Cranachan in Princes Square, and Willow Tea Rooms on Buchanan Lane, which they took over in 2019, the family managed to retain all the employees.

Older clients have declined, but a younger clientele has helped hold sales high in some situations.

“So far, we have survived. It’s obviously been a horrible year for us, like anywhere else, just something that hits you out of the blue, kind of up and down with the constraints.

On Tuesday, a further update from the Scottish Government is expected. Ms. Fleming said, “The expectations of (Christmas) are absolutely restricted at this stage. We naively thought we were going to be out of it in July, and it would only be a matter of working our way back up, and we knew Christmas wasn’t going to be the same, but we thought we’d be trading all the way through, so the constraints were still pretty tough, and our industry’s animal system is very tough.

The hope is that St. James will help reach standards with a combination of the vaccine and the lifted restrictions ahead of the opening.

“We know it is necessary and it is clear that everyone needs to work as a group to reduce interaction until we get to the point where the vaccine is rolled out,” Ms. Fleming said.

The vaccine news has allowed us a sigh of relief that there is an end point in sight. That was the toughest part, I guess, not knowing when this was about to end. Before the inoculation, the St. James neighborhood was developed and funded, but it was very close.’

We are proud to be able to say, she added,


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