White Christmas Scotland 2020: During December, will it snow?


Many are looking to the forecast to save the Christmas spirit as mainland Scotland reaches the most serious stage of the country’s coronavirus restrictions this week.

It’s been a decade or so since it last snowed all over the UK. Christmas Day, but most of the country has already tasted the frosty season, with heavy snow falling this month in parts of Edinburgh.

Now, meteorologists from the Met Office have published their new Christmas Day weather forecasts around the UK.

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A variety of weather conditions for next week has been expected by the Long-Range Weather Forecast, which looks at weather patterns up to four weeks ahead.

Cold conditions will prevail across the UK, especially in the west, from Tuesday, December 22, through New Year’s Eve.

On Christmas Day, the Scottish hills and highlands are the areas most likely to see snow, with meteorologists saying showers could fall like snow in the UK’s north and east.

It is anticipated that an area of high pressure will develop in the west and strong winds will be limited to the north throughout the week.

And it says it is “likely to increase,” the frequency of nighttime fog and frost, so we will probably see a frosty morning.

A Met Office statement reads, “Early in this period, there is a possibility of heavy rain in the south.”

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Otherwise, in the west of the UK, a ridge of high pressure is expected to develop, bringing cold weather and remaining the prevailing trend for the remainder of the year, with several areas of the south and west being mostly dry and settled.

The greatest risk of showers will be in the north and east, some of which may fall as snow, especially at higher elevations.

“In the far south, it may be windy at first, but later strong winds will be limited to the north and perhaps the east.

“The frequency of night fog and frost will likely increase, with fog possibly being slow to dissipate. Temperatures will be either near or below normal.”


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