This year, a less wasteful Christmas would bring more joy, Zero Waste Scotland says.


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Zero Waste Scotland is inspiring Scots to launch their own new tradition this year as Scotland prepares for an unusual Christmas season full of firsts.

The organization is launching a campaign to empower Scots with practical ideas and tips for making small improvements to minimize the waste-related carbon footprint, and is calling for all to preserve the excitement that will be different for many in the celebration.

Over the festive season, many Scots have also changed their lifestyles to support the environment, from making the most of food to fixing clothing to recycling as much as possible.

The country is now challenged by Zero Waste Scotland to adapt the ethos to Christmas and come up with a Christmas first that is good for the world and spreads a little cheer.

Jenny Fraser, Zero Waste Scotland’s customer campaigns chief, said:

Even during the blackout time, it was wonderful to see people in Scotland doing their bit for the world – whether by making or buying reusable face covers, baking delicious treats from leftover ingredients, upcycling furniture, or making the most of any available room in their garbage cans.

For many, it has been a tough year, and many people will experience Christmas this season for the first time due to circumstances outside their control. We invite people to take the opportunity to make their own, and through the hashtag #ChristmasTrimmings, we look forward to hearing from them.

Zero Waste Scotland, as Scotland’s circular economy specialist, helps consumers and companies minimize waste and pollution to tackle climate change. As examples of acts that keep the joy of Christmas alive without leaving a huge carbon footprint, the company has come up with the following ‘Christmas Firsts’:

Ask for a second-hand present. Zero Waste Scotland research indicates that most Scots will be delighted to accept a second-hand gift, but many would be reluctant to purchase one for anyone else. Why not change that this year and ask the gift-giver (and Santa) to buy second-hand, either in person or on online auction sites such as Gumtree and eBay, where Scottish Government guidelines permit?

Give a gift that will not go anywhere. Subscriptions, donations and sponsorships are a perfect way to spread love without having “stuff” and help a good cause. Why not invest in a movie fan streaming site like Netflix in your life, subscribe to a comic book or magazine, sponsor an animal, or contribute to a charity near the heart of a loved one?

Create your own wrapping paper. A handmade giveaway might be a nice way to minimize your carbon footprint with Scots consuming more than 19,000 miles of wrapping paper in recent years. Why not use children’s sketches to package presents, or if you just got a delivery, spice up the brown paper with which it was wrapped. Just remember to avoid glitter and foil, as it is not possible to mix paper with these substances

Host a Christmas Dinner Conference. We all know how hard it can be to satisfy everybody. That’s why it’s the perfect opportunity to get everyone interested in Christmas shopping planning this year. If you’re hosting a big household (according to the coronavirus policy of the Scottish Government) or just the immediate family, why not start a discussion about what you’re going to eat for Christmas?

“Under the hashtag #ChristmasTrimmings, Zero Waste Scotland is calling on Scots to post their own “Christmas Firsts” on social media.

The campaign aims to help everyone in Scotland, no matter how they celebrate it this year, have a merry Christmas with zero waste.

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