ScotRail: Delay redemption plan reveals the charge of more than 1 million pounds


In 2019/20, more than £ 1.1 million was paid out by ScotRail in reimbursement to travelers.

According to a Freedom of Information request from the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Network Rail paid £ 1,129,976.17 for delayed services in the time before the closure.

In 2018-19, that was up from £ 1,119,818 and £ 647,670 in 2017-18.

Carole Ford, spokesperson for Scottish Liberal Democrat transport, said, “These horrendous payouts are the result of the endless delays in the year leading up to the pandemic outbreak on Scotland’s rail network.”

ScotRail announces improvements over the holidays to rail services

“In terms of punctuality, the statistics speak of a rather dismal output.

This is only scratching the surface. There would have been several more persons entitled to arbitration, but the procedure is not automatic.

Many people miss their friends and the day-to-day experiences at work, but the train cancellations, delays and tug-of-war on the platforms don’t miss them.

Commuters and explorers in Scotland simply want a reliable and comfortable service.

As the pandemic comes to an end and people turn back to public transport, we need to ensure that services operate effectively.

Cancellations and delays are disrupting thousands of passengers’ travels, hurting our economy, and preventing people from using public transport when the climate crisis hits,”Cancellations and delays disrupt the travel of thousands of passengers, hurt our economy and deter people from using public transportation when there is a climate crisis,”

“In the time remaining on the current franchise, ScotRail must act quickly to show it can finally deliver on its commitments.”

Delay compensation allows passengers to seek compensation equal to 50% of the fare for journeys between 30 and 59 minutes delayed and 100% for journeys between 60 and 119 minutes delayed.

100 percent of the return fare can be sought for delays of 120 minutes or more.

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said, “During the pandemic, rail personnel across the country continued to provide services to key employees.”

It is a disservice to the many workers who have made sustained progress over the last 12 months to concentrate on historical issues.

Nicola Sturgeon urges railroad nationalization

Not only has performance improved – the last reporting period recorded a record high in the Public Performance Measure (PPM) compared to the same period in previous years.

Throughout the pandemic, ScotRail workers, both on the front line and behind the scenes, have demonstrated that they can make progress even in challenging circumstances.

We expect the emphasis to continue in the future as we look to solve the pandemic. In the meantime, instead of blaming them for concerns they already know about, we will try to help ScotRail do that.

“It is right that delay compensation will continue to be available for passengers affected by disruption or train cancellations.”

A spokesperson for ScotRail added: “We are absolutely committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and our Delay Repay Guarantee is at the heart of that approach.”

“The Delay Repay system is easy to use, especially via the online compensation portal, and we regularly remind customers to claim compensation if their journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more.”


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