Readers of the Guardian on their 2021 expectations and concerns


We asked Guardian readers what they would like to see – or hope to see – in 2021, after one of the most tumultuous and terrifying years in recent memory. Evelyn Mensah, London, UK My prediction for 2021 is that in our biggest institution, the NHS, where I have served for the last 30 years, institutional racism will be steadily eradicated. Elisabetta Campeti, Italy My 2021 outlook is that the stagnation of Covid-19 will hopefully lead all of us to consider the important problems that need to be tackled. Whether our governments do it depends on how much pressure we can maintain on them.

Trump’s Biden taking office may have avoided a catastrophe, yet we don’t dare hope for a serious change of direction in the U.S. yet, even though it’s a relief. Brexit is going to be a disaster, how much we’re going to find out soon.

Yet people are waking up all over the world, and young people are even more so.

So let’s hope that 2021 gives us some relief from the terror and drama of the last four years. The Oxford/AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer news is very promising. Dan Sheridan, Kent, UK. Equally motivating is the news from the US that Trump will be replaced by someone who cares about others and not just himself. That being said, we have a debt of about £2.5 billion, adding billions to our national debt every day, and to this day we have no clear understanding of how to address the issue of graduation examinations and university places on a reasonable basis for our children. We also have the closure of high street stores, a staggering number of failed companies and countless unemployed people…. But we have a tradition of being able to get back on our feet, and I’m old enough to see more than once that we have been able to do it.

I think Mark Drakeford is leading a more’ in touch’ government because he cares for all facets of Welsh life and is trying to address all the tough issues we have been facing since March 2020. He has such a hard job to do, but he displays humanity and a calmness that encourages us to believe he has our best interests at heart. While I have always been a staunch supporter of the British Union, I now feel that I must be persuaded to vote for complete devolution by the chaotic disaster emanating from Westminster. Wales, with a government that represents the people of Wales and knows what is best for Wales, needs to look after itself. In 2021, Wales needs to take care of itself, with good support for the existing Welsh government, unless there is a dramatic shift in the Downing Street debacle. Sue Marshall, England I hope that a new understanding and consciousness will hit humanity from the embers of the Covid pandemic.

I hope that the need to take care of the earth, animals, biodiversity and other people will become a priority that we are working on internationally and collectively. My prediction is that many will continue to claim their own wealth and power needs, but maybe this pandemic will create better leaders who will consider interdependence in a different way.

I’m not a religious person, nor am I a fool, but I hope to live long enough to see things get better. Stephen Snell, Spain For the first time in more than a few years, I’m hopeful.

I look forward to making effective progress on the climate crisis, opening up immigration, improving the right to vote, encouraging research, professional behavior, making substantial progress on equality and making governance more transparent.

And finally, I hope that in our politics we will curb the influence of money and elect members of Congress who put the nation above the party and donors. Maybe that’s too much hope? It’s not a bad idea, just impractical, though? Well, darn it, why not!? We might surprise ourselves. Amanda Wright, UKI hope I’m wrong, but since the government has not been frank with us, I see the pandemic dragging on into next year. They did not behave in our best interests, but instead bowed to their own and their party’s interests, which is why they postponed concluding so long (the funders did not like it), and that is why all their friends were given lucrative contracts to manufacture goods and services that are totally beyond their skills and experience.


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