In Aberdeen, Royal Mail tests vans using hydrogen as fuel to improve air quality.


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A hydrogen-powered delivery truck in Aberdeen is being evaluated by the Royal Mail – the city is looking for improved air quality and more sustainable transport choices.

The trial will help decide whether hydrogen is sufficient for the fleet of the mail delivery service.

As part of the city’s efforts to provide improved air quality and more efficient transportation choices, a newly converted Ford Transit will be deployed in Aberdeen over the next year.

The car is slightly larger than a traditional Royal Mail van, potentially making it sufficient to help the growth of parcel delivery by the company.

It is the first time in 10 years, according to Royal Mail, that a hydrogen-powered vehicle has been introduced to its fleet.

In dual-fuel mode, the van can travel up to 120 miles.

James Baker, Royal Mail’s chief engineer and fleet director, said, “As a company, we are committed to making changes to our activities that reduce our impact on the environment.”

“Hydrogen is seen by many as an important source of future sustainable energy, so it’s a perfect complement to our program of initiatives that will allow us to evaluate ways to achieve this while continuing to deliver letters and parcels safely, efficiently and responsibly.”

“We are delighted to support green transport technology in our city by providing Royal Mail with a hydrogen-powered van, which will be operated for an initial 12-month trial period from Aberdeen’s Altens Mail Centre,” said Philip Bell, spokesman for hydrogen at Aberdeen City Council.

Aberdeen is also a global leader in the development of pioneering mobility technology and we have shown our dedication to innovation at Aberdeen City Council by working in collaboration to help finance the world’s first double-decker hydrogen-powered buses.

“We are determined to meet our environmental commitments by tackling air pollution while establishing the city as a ‘Centre for Excellence’ for hydrogen.”


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