Guinness World Record Climate Challenge with electric paramotor at Round Britain Sacha Dench



A new mission to unite, excite, and empower the nation to tackle the climate crisis and environmental destruction is announced by Sacha Dench, explorer, conservationist and elite athlete. She will circumnavigate the United Kingdom in a paramotor fuelled by green energy starting next April, known as “The Human Swan” for her 2016 paramotor journey monitoring the migration of Bewick’s Swan from the Russian Arctic to the United Kingdom.

In 50 years, Sacha is the first woman to earn the coveted Britannia Trophy, UN Ambassador for Migratory Species, Green Swan Award winner alongside Eden Project’s Sir Tim Smit, and record holder in free diving – not to mention Woman of the Year 2017.

The immediate aim is to get the whole nation to engage in environmental TWO Guinness World Record attempts!

Sacha will circle the entire coastline of the UK during this ambitious and exhausting 4-5 week, 3000+ mile expedition, visiting hundreds of individuals and environmental projects run by different groups, schools, companies, farmers and people. In the use of emerging technology, all while smashing records.

She and the team will visit various regions of the United Kingdom with the help of climate scientists, farmers, water firms, communities and more to document how climate change impacts them – for better or worse.

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They will collect information, images and video footage that will be open to the general media from the air, soil and even underwater. Themes would range from food and water protection to wellness, our economy, natural disasters and ending the crisis of biodiversity.

Sacha will take what he’s learned along the way at the end of the expedition, as well as feedback from voices around the world, to key influencers in the country, to Westminster, and to COP26 global leaders.

This map shows some of the projects to be visited – but several more will be added before we leave next year – and suggestions are welcome.

To see where the proposed landing sites in the UK will be, click on this link.

Sacha has a very personal reason to get interested in the problem of the climate crisis. Earlier this year, Australian bushfires leveled the home of her relatives, killing millions of animals and devastating the world for years.

A crowdfunder was introduced to get the initiative underway and is now live at

Sacha and the team at her Conservation Without Borders charity are calling on everyone to spread the word and help raise funds for this record-breaking, pioneering expedition – over the 5 weeks the crowdfunder will run across social media and other platforms.

Said Sacha

The expedition will not only look at how the various areas of the world are affected by climate change, but will also give us an overview of what is being done to minimize carbon and protect and rebuild our environment – who is doing what, when, and what is working and what is not.

The likely and impossible climate heroes are what we want to discover. It’s also cool that I can use this as an electric flight test and question what we believe is possible!

I think it’s going to stimulate the creativity of young and old, rural and urban, concentrate all of our thinking on solutions, and I hope it will inspire everyone, no matter how small, to get involved.

The United Kingdom was the driving force of the industrial revolution – we should also push the green revolution.

From The Eden Initiative, The Climate Coalition (members include the Women’s Institute and the National Trust) to Race To Zero (members include the Fashion Charter for Climate Change, Ikea, BT), Countusin, The Green Alliance (supporters include Boots, Scottish Force, RSPB and DEFRA), the project is sponsored by several well-known people, companies and coalitions of non-governmental organisations

Adam Millward, executive editor, Guinness World Records, said.

We are excited to be partnering with Sacha on a series of record-breaking activities on a number of exciting future trips that will see her taking to the skies once again to fly the flag of nature.

Sacha is part of this already,


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