Covid Scotland: the first coronavirus screening center for travelers opens at Edinburgh Airport


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At Edinburgh Airport, the first public Covid screening center has opened at an airport in Scotland – with Scots receiving fast and reliable PCR swab tests.

PCR swab testing is now available at the ExpressTest location at the airport, outside the terminal in the FastPark car park section, following today’s opening.

Passengers and airport personnel pay a subsidized price of £ 80 and £ 60, respectively, to use the facility, which is also available for £ 99 to the general public – in an effort to provide citizens willing to fly with peace of mind.

On Wednesday, the service went online, but airport management has advised individuals to continue observing local coronavirus restrictions.

Beginning next Monday, students traveling home will take voluntary coronavirus tests.

“Protecting and mitigating the risk to public health, and reassuring and giving trust to individuals who need and want to travel, is incredibly important if aviation and all industries that depend on it are to recover,” said Airport General Manager Gordon Dewar.

We have partnered with ExpressTest to ensure that we are in as good a role as possible for the aviation industry to help the recovery of Scotland.

“Until then, people must continue to comply with local regulations and ensure they understand and follow government guidelines to protect themselves and others.”

Test results are typically sent by email or text on the following day, and airline passengers are advised to take care between two and five days before departure to arrange a test.

A Fit to Fly certificate approved by a physician will be emailed to anyone who receives a negative result.

However, passengers are advised to verify if the document is approved by their travel company before booking a test at the airport.

Nick Markham, founder of ExpressTest, said, “It is very exciting to have partnered with Edinburgh Airport to provide Scotland’s first public airport screening service.”

Whether traveling or visiting friends and family, our goal at ExpressTest is to give people the reassurance that they are Covid-free.

“Our goal is to set up 30 sites across the UK in the coming months, and this groundbreaking facility in Edinburgh is just the start.”

Coronavirus Scotland: Another 44 deaths and 880 more cases are confirmed by Nicola Sturgeon

“First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said when asked about airport testing at the daily coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, “We continue to work with airports to try to achieve a point where we are using testing, if not as a full alternative to quarantine, then as a partial alternative.

In our working group, we have been working with the UK government. They have already announced that, as of December 15, they will implement a new system.

The Scottish government continues to think about whether it would be the best time to make a big change there just before Christmas or whether it would make more sense to wait until after Christmas.

“But there are also some concerns that the scheme the UK government has outlined is dependent on people paying for private Covid testing,” he said.

We have some doubts about the quality and reliability of private testing, which doesn’t mean that we’re ruling it out, but we’re also taking a very careful approach to making a considered decision here.

“I know how important this is to airports, but it’s also important that we get these decisions right so we don’t increase the risk that travel poses to our efforts to control the virus.”


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