Covid Scotland: Quarantine rules for Namibia and Uruguay travelers


Travelers arriving from Namibia, Uruguay and the U.S. in Scotland They must be quarantined in the Virgin Islands.

Starting at 4 a.m., those arriving in the country would have to separate themselves for 10 days. From Saturday.

The Scottish government has reported that the number of coronavirus cases in those countries has risen considerably, as has the number of positive test cases.

Scottish airports are being left without a plan for research.

“In Scotland and around the world, the virus continues to pose a significant risk to life and general public health,” Transport Minister Michael Matheson said.

Our first line of protection in managing the risk of imported cases from communities at high transmission risk remains to enable individuals coming into the country to self-isolate.

It is crucial that everybody, including everyone who needs to be quarantined for 10 days, does their part to interrupt the rise in 19 Covid cases.

“We continue to urge everyone to think very carefully before making unnecessary travel abroad at this time, and also to avoid non-essential travel to other parts of the UK.”

These new revisions follow this year’s last routine examination of the quarantine exemptions for international travel.

On January 7, the next scheduled analysis will take place.


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