Covid: Police are enforcing over 300 fines in Scotland in the run-up to New Year’s Eve


Over the New Year, Police Scotland has reported, more than 300 fines for violating Covid-19 laws were given across Scotland.

Police released 305 violation notices in the seven days to Sunday, January 3, including to individuals who violated local authority boundaries.

Of such fine notices, a total of 39 were for travel restriction violations, and 18 persons were arrested for violations of Covid.

Officers were forced to break up more than 800 illegal gatherings on Hogmanay and New Year’s Day, despite Level 4 laws in effect in most of the country and a strong recommendation to stay home.

Police had to “ask / inform,” “warn / instruct” or use “reasonable force” a total of 811 times over the course of Dec. 31 and Jan. 1.

Police Scotland, however, has said that the figures are indicative and may be higher in fact.

Police Scotland has reminded the public at this point of an online platform they can use to track ongoing breaches of Covid 19.

The form, first published in December, allows individuals across Scotland to report breaches of applicable restrictions.

With most of the country at Level 4, it is hoped that all allegations of violations will be made possible by the new tool.

People should not meet in each other’s homes under Level 4 or organize large gatherings.

Further measures to tackle the rapid spread of the current Covid 19 strain are expected to be revealed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today, however.

In a series of tweets, Ms. Sturgeon said, “The rapid increase in Covid cases, induced by the latest version, is very worrying.

In other parts of the UK, the sharp rise and extreme pressure the NHS is witnessing is a warning of what we might be facing. That’s why, as vaccination progresses, we need to take all the steps we can to slow the spread.

“We, like other countries, are in a race between this faster-spreading Covid strain and the vaccination program,” he said.

Although we are working as quickly as possible to vaccinate, we still need to do more to slow down the virus in order to save lives and help the NHS provide all those who need it with treatment.

After yesterday’s meeting of the Resilience Committee of the Scottish Government to review the current situation, the Cabinet will meet tomorrow morning to take further steps to restrict the spread, and I have demanded that the Scottish Parliament be recalled tomorrow afternoon so that I can state our decisions in a statement.

All the choices we are making now are difficult and have tough consequences. The vaccines give us a way out, but after the pandemic started, this new strain makes the time before then the most risky.

“So the government’s responsibility must be to act quickly and decisively in the national interest.”

This is just the fifth time that Parliament has been called, and the second time in the last four weeks since the Dec. 30 meeting to negotiate the post-Brexit EU trade agreement.

It was previously convened after the deaths in October 2000 of Donald Dewar and April 2002 of the Queen Mother.

It was also convened again in 2009 after the publication of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.


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