Coronavirus: huge crowds assemble to avoid London’s tight Tier 4 Christmas restrictions at St. Pancras


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This is why, after the announcement of tighter coronavirus controls, Londoners attempted to leave the capital.

After Boris Johnson made the surprising announcement that large parts of eastern and southeastern England, including London, will be put under Tier 4 limits, St. Pancras train station filled with people attempting to flee London.

Travelers were advised that due to the number of people on board, social distancing “will not be possible” and anyone who felt “uncomfortable” could not stay on the train.

Covid: Boris Johnson imposes new levels of lockout on large parts of England, with new Christmas laws

After the announcement by Boris Johnson at 4 p.m., there were no trains from many stations in London, including Paddington, Kings Cross, and Euston, until 7 p.m.

London faces similar constraints at Level 4 as the rest of the country, with 18 million people facing the toughest Christmas Day restrictions.

On the Internet, video footage shows huge crowds waiting at St. Pancras station to board trains to Leeds.

Cars from London on the M4 freeway (Stefan Rousseau/PA).

Harriet Clugston said people had attempted to secure a seat on board the trains, but there was not enough space to do so.

“As expected, the train is overcrowded,” she wrote on Twitter.

Boris Johnson is holding a press conference in England despite rising infection rates.

Announcement over tannoy says that because of volume and to get off if not happy with it, social distance ‘will not be necessary.’

“People have tried to get social distance by sitting on the seats, but they have been asked by other passengers to remove them because the train is so crowded.”

Saigon’s last train. Queue at St Pancras as we wait for the train to Leeds to board

– December 19, 2020, Harriet Clugston (@HarrietClugston).

She and her partner had made the “shared decision” to take their young son to join their parents on the coast, another woman, who did not want to be called, said.

Speaking to the Press Association, she said, “We made the decision to leave simply because my parents said they were coming, and for the foreseeable future, we could not bear the thought that there was no fresh air and a child in a small apartment.”

We felt like we needed to move the baby somewhere a little better with a greenhouse, too, even though we know that a lot of people are not going to have that luxury.

“She added, “The grandparents are desperately glad that their grandson is going to be seen.

“We’re obviously worried about taking something away from them, but they seem happy to take the risk.”

Izzy, 22, from Bristol, said she “wanted the security of being home for Christmas” and that before the restrictions came into effect, her parents had come to collect her.

She said, “I have a slight nervousness that they might block the roads or something that will prevent me from going home,”

“I’m moving out of my apartment, so my dad has to come and pick me up and he feels more comfortable doing it before Tier 4 goes into effect.”

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps’ statement: “It is incredibly important for people to follow the guidelines, stay home and not try to travel. Our focus must be to stop the spread of this virus, to protect lives and our NHS.”

The rule means you have to return home and not stay out if you are in Tier 4. You must remain on site throughout the rest of the world.

“Follow the instructions and please do not come to a station unless you have permission to travel. Additional BTP officers are on duty to ensure that only those who absolutely must travel are able to travel safely.”

After the announcement of the latest coronavirus limits, Matt Hancock condemned the scenes of individuals crowding into train stations to flee London.

Those scenes were utterly reckless, I think. We all have a duty.

We obviously have a duty in government, but so does every single person,”We in government obviously have a responsibility, but so does every single person,”

“The request I have is that people do their part, because only if we act – all of us – can we tackle the problem.”

Hancock denied suggestions from critics such as Sir Charles Walker, the senior Tory MP, that he had been elected to the


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