British Airways apologizes after wishing luck to England’s rugby team against Wales


After Welsh rugby fans felt let down when the British carrier wished England luck for this weekend’s game against Wales, British Airways was forced to apologize today.

On Saturday morning – ahead of their Autumn Nations Cup match against Wales at Llanelli later in the day – the airline, which has a sponsorship deal with England Rugby, sent congratulations to England via Twitter.

Wtf…. Wtf….

— November 28, 2020, Leighton Andrews (@LeightonAndrews)

However, when it was pointed out that the post could offend potential Welsh travelers, the tweet was promptly deleted.

It read, “Good luck to the England rugby team today against Wales.”

Many Welsh fans, who shared their displeasure on social media, were upset by the post, which also included a short video.

“Good way to upset 3 million+ potential customers.”Good way to upset 3 million+ potential customers.

“complete nonsense,”complete nonsense,”How can this be right?”How can that be correct?

“I love @easyJet.”I love @easyJet.

I love @easyJet

– 28 November 2020 – Huw Edwards (@huwbbc)

In the meantime, when some fans from Wales suggested the airline should rename itself, the word ‘English Airways’ was trending on Twitter.

“One of the fans tweeted, “Excuse me??? I think you’re going to have to call yourself “English Airways” then? WTF?

YesCymru, the Campaign for Welsh Independence, tweeted, “To be clear, even if Wales becomes independent, it will still be part of the island of Great Britain.

“Their brand is not ‘UK Airways’, it is ‘British Airways’.

“Regardless, we’ve had enough of this disparate, broken ‘union’.”

British Airways has a sponsorship deal with England Rugby and flew the team to Japan for the World Cup last year (Steve Parsons/PA)

BA has since apologized for “getting offside” with the message.

A statement from the airline read, “We are proud sponsors of England Rugby, but on this occasion we inadvertently got side-tracked, for which we apologize.”


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