A78 crash: cyclist injured after van collision


Following a serious crash involving a van on the A78 near Troon this morning, a cyclist has been hospitalized.

Following a road traffic collision involving a van and a bicycle, police were called to the scene shortly after 10.30am on Sunday morning.

As emergency services are responding to the accident, the road is now closed northbound between Monkton and Troon.

There was a female bicyclist taken to the hospital.

NEW11.00#A78 CLOSED N/B due to an RTC following the Monktonhead roundabout.

Please use #usealtroute and allow more travel [email protected] pic.twitter.com/hPqR9A08BqqR9A08BqRoads pic.twitter.com
– Traffic Scotland November 29, 2020 (@trafficscotland)

Traffic Scotland told motorists about the collision near the traffic circle of Monktonhead and urged drivers, if necessary, to take an alternative route.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland reported that after a collision with a van, a female cyclist was taken to hospital.

Between Monkton and Troon, the A78 northbound is closed. Southwoods Road should be used by traffic wanting to go to Troon and traffic going north towards Irvine or Greenock should use the A77 to Kilmarnock and then the A71 to Irvine to get back on the A78. Image.twitter.com/VwTffN6eTrTr
– November 29, 2020, South Ayrshire Police (@AyrshireSPolice).

Police from South Ayrshire provided advice to motorists on how to avoid the area. The A78 is closed northbound between Monkton and Troon, said a spokesperson.

Traffic to Troon should do so via Southwoods Lane, and traffic to Irvine or Greenock northbound should use the A77 to Kilmarnock and then the A71 to Irvine to return to the A78.’

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