A milestone in January of 500,000 people committed to an exclusively vegan diet


Veganuary: More and more individuals are seeking plant-based meat alternatives

A unprecedented 500,000 individuals signed up for a month of the Veganuary challenge to consume only plant-based foods. The number of individuals who have made a pledge to go vegan in January 2019 is double this landmark.

A fifth of the 125,000 participants are from the UK, and this year they are from the UK. For the first time, supermarkets such as Tesco handled TV and radio advertisements for Veganuary. For the first time in 2021, other supermarkets such as Aldi, Asda and Iceland have built their own pages with details and recipes.

New research by investment bank UBS on plant-based meat substitutes such as veggie burgers and sausages shows that the new items are being tried by more and more people. According to the UBS survey of 3,000 customers in the UK, US and Germany, the percentage of people who sought alternatives grew from 48 percent to 53 percent between March and November 2020.

The research also showed that they continue to be consumed at least regularly by half of those who have sought plant-based alternatives to meat.

Veganuary is a global movement recently focused on Latin America, which has already signed up 150,000 people this year, as well as 80,000 in the United States and 50,000 in Germany.

There are a variety of reasons why people decide to minimize the quantity of animal foods in their diets, from reducing animal cruelty to improving health, to reducing the environmental harm caused by food processing.

Many people still consume more meat than is safe in wealthy countries, and scientists say giving up meat is the best way for individuals to fight climate and wildlife crises.

I really feel like diets based on plants are not controversial anymore,”I really feel like plant-based diets are no longer controversial,” “Pretty much everyone has accepted that we need to reduce animal products in our diets for environmental reasons.”
The way Veganuary was adopted by UK supermarkets this year is truly groundbreaking,”The way UK supermarkets have embraced Veganuary this year is really groundbreaking,” They don’t just use it as a marketing opportunity, they advocate the many advantages of a diet based on plants.

As bastions of our food supply, they realize that plant-based food is the only healthy way forward.
An animal welfare message on Aldi’s website was highlighted by Vernelli, “Eating less meat or eliminating animal products altogether is often a very transparent way to show you want to make a difference.” Vernelli also pointed out that a 31-day Veganuary meal plan was developed by Marks & Spencer.

“The latest iteration of our survey shows that plant-based meat continues to gain momentum,” said UBS’s Andrew Stott.

“But for many people, he said taste was the main problem: “Of customers currently reluctant to try plant-based meat, 59 percent said “I don’t think it tastes good.” Other explanations were that they hated the products’ “highly processed nature” (37 percent) and the cost (29 percent ).

Half of the UBS survey participants, however, said they thought the meat alternatives based on plants were healthier and more environmentally friendly than meat.

Without the need to slaughter animals, hundreds of companies around the world are now trying to produce actual meat cells in vats. In Singapore, where Eat Just’s “chicken bites” is served to restaurant customers, the first selling of cultured meat took place recently.

But it is likely that it will be at least a few more years before cultivated meat will hit a large market.


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