Zara Tindall is the least influential royal in terms of fashion, having been surpassed by Beatrice and Eugenie.


Zara Tindall is the least influential royal in terms of fashion, having been surpassed by Beatrice and Eugenie.

According to a new study, ZARA TINDALL is the least sought member of the Royal Family when it comes to fashion and style.

Zara is Princess Anne’s only child and the Queen’s and Prince Philip’s eldest granddaughter. After dating for eight years, she married professional rugby player Mike Tindall in 2011. Zara and her older brother, Peter Phillips, were reared without royal titles, allowing them to pursue ordinary careers and lead semi-private lives away from the limelight.

By analyzing search traffic in the UK and US, global brand Pretty Little Thing discovered which female member of the British Royal Family is the top style ‘influencer.’

Despite the fact that her style dates back over 25 years, Princess Diana was named the most influential royal style figure, followed by Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The late Princess of Wales earned 217,500 searches for her style, which includes classic pieces like her 1994’s “revenge” Little Black Dress and her Instagram-worthy workout gear.

The Duchess of Sussex earned a whopping 148,550 style inspiration searches, followed by the Duchess of Cambridge with 145,400.

Zara Tindall, on the other hand, was the member of the Royal Family who received the fewest amount of searches for her style, with only 220.

This was less than her own mother, Princess Anne, who finished in fourth place behind Kate Middleton with 6,890 searches.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was ranked fifth with 3,790 searches, closely followed by Sarah Ferguson with 3,320.

Princess Beatrice was the most popular, with 2,380 searches, followed by Sophie, Countess of Wessex with 1,830.

Her Majesty the Queen came in second with 1,540 searches, followed by Princess Eugenie with 1,340 searches.

With only 220 searches for her style, Zara Tindall is ranked 11th, leaving some royal fans perplexed as to why her style generates so little searches compared to other female members of her family.

Zara Tindall won a silver medal in the London 2012 Olympic Games as an Olympic Equestrian.

As a result, Zara Tindall is best known for her Olympic accomplishments.

Zara, like her mother, who is often hailed for being the most hardworking princess, certainly enjoys being known for her accomplishments.

Zara’s fashion choices may not be as eye-catching as those of. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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