Zara Tindall defied royal custom to honor her grandfather, Prince Philip.


Zara Tindall defied royal custom to honor her grandfather, Prince Philip.

ZARA TINDALL was well-known for having a close relationship with her grandfather, Prince Philip. Zara felt so strongly about him that she defied a royal wedding ritual to honor him.

Zara Phillips married rugby legend Mike Tindall in a private ceremony in Scotland in 2011, which was attended by the Queen and Prince Philip. The Queen offers the royal bride a tiara from her collection to wear on her wedding day, according to royal tradition. Zara Tindall, however, chose to wear a tiara that has never been worn at a British royal wedding, rather of one of the more usual royal wedding tiaras.

The Meander Tiara, which is one of several tiaras in the Queen’s large collection, was worn by Zara Tindall on her wedding day.

Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark gave the Meander Tiara to the Queen when she was still known as Princess Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth married her son, the future Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Alice gave her the tiara.

The Queen, however, chose to wear the Queen Mary Fringe Tiara instead of the Meander Tiara for her wedding.

Princess Anne received the Meander Tiara before marrying Captain Mark Phillips in 1973.

Anne, however, chose to wear the Queen Mary Fringe Tiara for her wedding day, following in her mother’s footsteps.

The Meander Tiara was eventually worn by a British royal bride on their wedding day when Anne’s daughter Zara married.

Zara’s tiara was designed to honor her grandfather Philip, his mother, and Zara’s great-grandmother Princess Alice.

The Meander Tiara has a Greek design and numerous gleaming diamonds.

The tiara is considered to be worth millions of pounds if the Royal Family ever decides to sell it.

According to Daena Borrowman, Marketing Manager at jewellerybox, “Diamonds with the Greek key pattern, a central laurel wreath, and two sections of honeysuckles make up the band’s classically Greek meander design.

“It’s worth between £2 million and £4 million and was most likely created in France by Cartier.”

Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark’s jewelry is now in the possession of Philip’s widow, Queen Elizabeth II.

For his engagement ring for Elizabeth, Prince Philip used diamonds from one of his mother’s collections.

Princess Alice of Battenberg, as she was then known, was given a diamond and. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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