Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile have quietly deactivated their Instagram accounts.


Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile have quietly deleted each other’s Instagram accounts.

In an age when breakups are announced on social media and in the press, it’s still possible for two relatively well-known people to separate in a more private manner.

Even if a breakup isn’t made public, fans can still learn about it.

Recently, there was a telltale sign between Abbey Gile and Jets quarterback Zach Wilson on Instagram.

Zach Wilson is dealing with some drama off the field following a disappointing rookie season with the New York Jets.

Zach has been dating Abbey Gile since they were both teenagers, and she even went to the draft with him in 2021.

However, it appears that the two of them have quietly deleted each other’s Instagram accounts, which could indicate a breakup.

Zach recently deleted a November post that showed the two of them on a date night with some of Zach’s teammates.

Abbey, meanwhile, appears to have deleted an Instagram post from December in which she and Zach were at a Jets game wearing a number 2 necklace, and her Instagram account has now vanished entirely.

Although neither Abbey nor Zach have confirmed the breakup, a mutual scrubbing on Instagram isn’t exactly a good sign.

Abbey and Zach were dating long before he became an NFL quarterback. They are both from Utah, and Abbey was in Cleveland with Zach and his family when he was drafted by the Jets in April.

Zach was the second overall pick in that draft, but he hasn’t delivered the results the Jets expected from the former BYU star.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around this situation.

I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of his journey since high school.

In April, Abbey wrote on Instagram, “Zach has worked so hard to get here, and he made his dream a reality.”

“No one loves the game as much as this kid, and he’ll give New York everything he’s got.”

I guess all those date nights watching movies served a purpose! I adore this guy! JETS BABYYYY!”


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