Yung Buck discusses why he was fired from G-Unit by 50 Cent and how the dismissal ended in bankruptcy.


50 Cent had hundreds of quarrels with other musicians, and with a few of his former crew members, such as The Game. The crew of the G-Unit included rapper Yung Buck, who claims to have been shot for being nice to 50’s foes.

Buck says, as a result, that he was unable to pay taxes and had to declare bankruptcy.

Signs Yung Buck with 50 Cent G-Unit Records.

Originally, Buck was signed to Cash Money Records. He left the label in 2000. He signed with G-Unit in 2003 under the leadership of 50. “Let Me In”Let Me In”Shorty Wanna Ride.”Shorty Wanna Ride.

On the Billboard 200 chart, the album debuted at number three and sold more than 350,000 copies in its first week. It has been certified platinum by the RIAA ever since.

For the soundtrack of the 2005 film Get Rich Or Die Tryin ‘, he partnered with the rest of the G-Unit crew. His second album, Buck The Planet, came out in 2007, and it was expected to be his last release on the label as Buck was brewing a feud between 50 and Buck.

Yung Buck claims that he was shot by 50 Cent because he was buddies with enemies of 50 Cent.

The Game, Buck’s label mate, has begun a rivalry with 50. At the same time, 50 and Buck began their own feud, over Buck’s demand for more money, apparently.

50 of them leaked a phone call to the public between him and Buck.

The call revealed an emotional crying Buck and asking 50 for help.

The feud grew uglier, and against 50 and the label, Buck released some Diss albums. He also says 50 did not want to free him from his deal with the G-Unit.

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As it turns out, Buck claims he was shot because he always kept in touch with 50 people he considered enemies. 50 started feuding at that time with a variety of rappers and hip-hop crews.

Buck tells the host in a recent interview with Vlad TV that he first learned of the shooting from friends who heard 50 talk about it in radio interviews.

“As soon as he kicked me out, I was like, ‘What the f**k is this about?’ He started saying it was because I’m cool with Game and these different things started happening – I’m cool with his enemies,” he said.

But Buck claims 50 has misinterpreted it all.

“It wasn’t that, it’s that I’m active, so I would run into these individuals – the Jim Jones, the Dipset individuals, the Jadakisses, when we had these beefs or whatever,” he explained. “And you know what I got to hear from those guys, ‘Bro, we f**k with you, we just don’t f**k with you.’ It was one of those things where it’s kind of hard for you to have a problem with someone who really doesn’t have a problem with you, but maybe has a problem with your brother.”

He continued, “I didn’t go and make friends with them and I even passed it on to 50…. I guess he felt I was cool with them because I always told 50.”

Yung Buck says G-Unit’s firing forced him to file for bankruptcy

Bucks claims that he found that he owed $300,000 to the IRS in the middle of his fight with 50.

At the time, Buck says, he and 50 had the same business manager. He tells Vlad that 50 instructed the manager to cut ties with Buck as a result of their dispute.

The bill was getting higher and Buck had no idea what to do, leaving him with large tax debts and no income to pay them back.

Buck says that’s when the infamous phone call from 50 was leaked, which made matters worse.

But Buck says the phone call was not one in which he begged 50 to let him back into the group. He claims that the call was registered, and 50 kept the tape to humiliate Buck for some cause.

Buck had no choice but to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


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