You’ve been pronouncing IKEA incorrectly all along.


You’ve been pronouncing IKEA incorrectly all along.

Although IKEA has dominated the furniture market for decades, some admirers are only now discovering that they have been pronouncing the company’s name incorrectly their entire lives. When the official Instagram account for the IKEA Singapore shop issued a pronunciation guide last month, it hit some fans hard. It’s apparently pronounced “EE-kay-UH,” rather than “AI-kay-UH” or “AI-kee-UH,” as most English speakers do.

Last month, IKEA Singapore published nine Instagram images that, when seen in Instagram’s grid-view layout, formed one big image. To commemorate the Singapore store’s success, each one included an infographic with fun facts about the company, including some extremely localized tidbits about the store’s cafeteria or recycling policies. The word of the pronunciation, on the other hand, reached foreign audiences, who were taken aback. This isn’t the first time English-speaking consumers have been told that their pronunciation is incorrect.

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Followers couldn’t believe their eyes when they read what they were seeing. One of the top comments read, “SETTING THE RECORD STR8.” “My life has been a lie!” commented another, while a third added, “I’ve been pronouncing it right, most of the time.” Anyone who speaks Swedish, of course, has the correct pronunciation from the start. IKEA has provided plenty of opportunities for the rest of us to learn how to pronounce its name. In a 2018 interview with Quartz, when the firm was commemorating its 75th year in business, the corporation even explained the meaning of its name.

IKEA is an abbreviation, according to a representative at the time. The first two letters stand for the founder’s initials, Ingvar Kamprad, the third for the name of his family farm, Elmtaryd, and the fourth for the place where he grew up, Agunnaryd, located in the Swedish province of Smland. This combination would almost definitely be pronounced with the same inflection as Kamprad – “EE-kay-UH.” “It’s only natural that ‘IKEA’ and the Swedish names of its items are spoken with a regional accent. That’s perfectly OK! “Added the spokesperson. Customers are always surprised when they discover they’ve been making a mistake without realizing it.

IKEA has become a staple of many retail centres and a go-to location for affordable, easy-to-move furniture after nearly eight decades in business. The company’s headquarters are located in the Netherlands, although it has franchises all around the world.


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