‘You’re still the finest! Fans of Mrs Hinch offer an 80p tip for preventing limescale in the washing machine.


‘You’re still the finest! Fans of Mrs Hinch offer an 80p tip for preventing limescale in the washing machine.

Limescale can quickly build up in your washing machine if you live in a hard water location, causing your clothes to smell or come out unclean. Fortunately, there is a simple technique to avoid this build-up and keep your washing machine spotless.

Mrs Hinch is an Instagram cleaning influencer who has over four million followers. She became famous after sharing cleaning and tidying tips and tactics on social media.

Mrs. Hinch’s fans have now started their own social media profiles in her honor.

Over 100,000 members of one such Facebook page share housekeeping tips with one another.

One person asked how to keep limescale from forming in their washing machine the other day.

Limescale can make your washing machine unclean and damage its efficiency if you reside in a region with hard water.

The Mrs Hinch-inspired limescale hack is available from Tesco.

“Hello,” the Mrs Hinch admirer said. I live in a location with extremely hard water.

“Limescale has clogged my washing machine. I’m getting a new machine tomorrow, and I’m not sure if I should use wash powder or wash liquid.

“Wishing for this machine to endure longer than the last. I was using soda crystals/white vinegar weekly and a dishwasher tab once a month, but it didn’t seem to help.” Fortunately, the topic drew dozens of responses, all of which offered helpful tips.

Baking soda crystals were the most popular item of advise.

These crystals are available in all major supermarkets, and Tesco sells them for only 80p.

Tesco sells Soda Crystals, which you can find here.

“Soda crystals in every wash,” one person wrote. “A washing machine engineer told me to put a cup of soda crystals in the machine on an empty hot wash once a month and I’ve never had a problem with limescale, despite having hard water.” Another cleaning enthusiast wrote: “Add soda crystals to every wash, it softens the water the same as Calgon but for a lot less.” Then conduct a hot wash with at least half a bag of soda crystals once a month.” Another individual commented, “Use soda crystals in every wash — you only need an egg cup full, and they are approximately £1 a pack in most shops.” “I’ve had my machine for over ten years, and we live in a hard water area,” another individual simply stated, “Soda crystals have been around for a.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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