‘You’re putting me on the spot.’ A 5Live guest slammed Naga Munchetty over the Andy Murray investigation.


‘You’re putting me on the spot.’ A 5Live guest slammed Naga Munchetty over the Andy Murray investigation.

NAGA MUNCHETTY surprised a radio guest when she “put her on the spot” when she asked her about Andy Murray’s recent charges that his opponent was “cheating” by taking an extended bathroom break.

Andy Murray chastised Stefanos Tsitsipas, his first-round US Open opponent, for taking rests throughout their play. BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty discussed this on 5Live, asking guests if they thought taking long pauses might be considered cheating. A sports psychologist appeared on the radio broadcast at one point to give her opinion, but Naga’s constant questioning “put her on the spot,” she claimed.

“I’ve been listening, and I agree with a lot of those points,” Amanda Rowan, a sports psychologist and former world-ranked GB tennis player, remarked at first.

Naga answered, “Please take it away.” “Well, I was really watching in the early hours of the morning, and I fully agree that we’re taking away from the point that Andy played some wonderful tennis, unbelievable tennis,” Amanda remarked.

“However, the fact that Tsitsipas took eight minutes for his potty break – and while I am well aware of the regulations, as a player, that is very unsettling,” she continued.

“And certainly, there are ways that can be used, but I believe Andy is correct in saying that it borders on gamesmanship – it does, because-”

“He said it’s cheating,” Naga interjected. He claimed it was unethical. “Are you in agreement with that?”

“I’m sorry, but could you repeat the question?” Amanda enquired.

Naga repeated, “He said it’s cheating.” “He was overheard saying to his box, ‘It’s cheating, it’s cheating.’ “Are you in agreement with that?”

“Oh, you’re putting me on the spot here,” Amanda retorted.

“Well, Tsitsipas is known for taking long restroom breaks,” she continued.

“And I think it’s unpleasant psychologically, and it produces frustration and annoyance in gamers.

“I mean, it shifts the momentum, and he was playing tremendous tennis, and Tsitsipas, I believe, read the game well there.

“He was aware. And cheating – I agree with Andy that it’s poor sportsmanship; I believe a five-set match should allow two restroom breaks; eight minutes is almost 10 minutes.

“Obviously, because of the tournaments and the distance to where the loos are located, it’s tough to set a time limit; but, eight minutes would suffice.

“And I,” says the narrator of Brinkwire Summary News.


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