‘You’re in a parallel reality,’ says the narrator. Sunak is chastised by Alastair Campbell over the Universal Credit cut.


‘You’re in a parallel reality,’ says the narrator. Sunak is chastised by Alastair Campbell over the Universal Credit cut.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL slammed MP Rishi Sunak over proposed Universal Credit reforms on Monday morning.

On Good Morning Britain, Alastair Campbell and Susanna Reid spoke with Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond about proposed cuts to Universal Credit. Campbell and Sunak got into a heated argument, with the host criticizing the MP’s lack of information.

“A lot of the individuals on Universal Credit, as you know, are already in work, and they are going to suffer a big loss of freedom and a hit on their living standards,” Campbell said.

“I feel like you’re in a parallel universe there, since you’re always telling each other how great everything is going.”

“Then there’s the fuel process, the National Insurance increase that disproportionately affects the poorest, and now you’re bringing in this Universal Credit decrease.

“Which, according to even right-wing think tanks, will plunge more than half a million people into poverty,” Campbell said.

Sunak retorted, “You mentioned a parallel universe, and here are the facts.” Alastair, a year ago, some predicted that unemployment would reach 12%.

“Millions and millions of people, what has actually happened as a result of our job-creation plan is that unemployment is now less than 5%.

“It’s been declining for six months in a row, and it’s lower here than in America, Canada, France, Italy, and Spain, and we have record job vacancies, so those are the facts that it’s not a parallel universe,” says the author.

“What about the people who can’t gain better skills and can’t enhance their work situation?” Reid said.

I mean, removing this uplift would cost more than £1,000 per year, and we’ve already received a deluge of comments from people who will be left in a terrible situation.

“How can you bear collecting over a thousand pounds from these individuals every year?” she inquired.

“Well, this was one of the numerous things we did throughout the crisis,” Sunak responded. These things aren’t genuinely coming to an end, Susanna, like the furlough program.

“It’s not unusual in many nations to do something similar, and our approach to assisting individuals is evolving currently.”

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