‘You’re a disgusting pig,’ says Eamonn Holmes, referring to his co-star on This Morning.


‘You’re a disgusting pig,’ says Eamonn Holmes, referring to his co-star on This Morning.

As they launched Friday’s show with a conversation about tea and cookies, EAMONN HOLMES slammed his This Morning co-star John Torode.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes enjoyed a cup of tea and debated which biscuits to serve with it as the first topic of discussion on This Morning. They went over a few ideas and introduced the newest biscuit creations available in stores. Chef John Torode, on the other hand, was promptly shot down by Eamonn when he made his own idea.

Morrison’s had invented a custard cream and bourbon biscuit mashup, which Ruth declared they were sampling.

As they chewed, John said, “See, it’s not about the biscuit’s mixture for me; it’s about how you eat it.”

“Because you take the biscuit apart, remove the custard, and then you’re left with the biscuit.”

Eamonn sneered, clearly dissatisfied by his remarks, and said, “You’re such a filthy swine.”

Ruth burst out laughing as John took the remark in stride and laughed off the jab.

“Imagine living with you; you’re the kind of kid who would lick his plate clean,” Eamonn said.

“Can I just say, I enjoy this!” he exclaimed as he became more interested in the biscuit.

While John and Ruth were amused by Eamonn’s remarks, spectators at home were less so.

Many viewers flocked to Twitter to criticize Eamonn for being “very harsh.”

“#ThisMorning One viewer commented, “How can @EamonnHolmes label John a pig while he is chowing down on a biscuit with his mouth open?”

“Rude Eamonn,” said another, while another added, “Add this to Eamonn Holmes’ best bits!”

“You’re such a disgusting pig, don’t ever change Eamonn #ThisMorning,” said a fourth.

After learning of a “indecent” video he sent Ruth, Eamonn acknowledged to Dr. Amir Khan that he wanted him “struck off.”

“I was on the verge of reporting you to the General Medical Council and maybe having you struck off,” the host explained.

“While working with my wife, you sent an inappropriate phone call video to her.”

“We were working together and staying in the same hotel, and we said, ‘See each other at breakfast,’” Ruth added.

“I was eating breakfast when my phone rang, and I noticed it was Dr. Amir, so I assumed he was calling because he was running late.

“However, he had accidentally FaceTimed me.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Dr. Amir said, his face flushed.


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