Your star sign reading, astrology, and zodiac forecast for January 9th.


Your daily horoscope for January 9: Astrology, astrology, and zodiac forecast.

AN ALIGNMENT OF TWO POWERFUL PLANETS TODAY will force you to choose between fight or flight.

Today’s horoscope is for January 9th.

The planets are sending mixed signals this Sunday.

When such a clash occurs, you may feel trapped in the middle, but if you can use the best aspects of the Sun and Moon zodiac signs to your advantage, you can wield significant power.

As the Moon nears the halfway point between the New and Full Moons, we’ll see a first quarter Moon today.

The Moon is still in Aries, but it forms a square with the Sun in Capricorn today, causing an emotional clash.

If you find yourself reeling as a result of this collision, don’t be surprised.

Conflicting energies can go one of two ways: they can give you a burst of energy and motivation, or they can paralyze you with indecision.

The clash of Capricorn and Aries symbolizes the conflict between pragmatic Capricorn and driven Aries.

Capricorn is a meticulous planner, while Aries is ambitious and headstrong.

You’ll be an unstoppable force if you can combine the headstrong determination to succeed with the meticulous attention to detail required to plot every step up the ladder of success.

Others, on the other hand, will become entangled in the plethora of possibilities that lie ahead.

You’ll be looking for your next adventure, buoyed up by the cosmic alignment’s energy, but Capricorn’s need for detailed plans can lead to overthinking, which can lead to feelings of self-doubt.

Because of its enterprising nature, Aries has a weakness for impatience.

Try to push those negative emotions aside and tap into Aries’ unwavering self-assurance.

Because the next step forward isn’t always obvious, if you’re stuck, set a smaller, more attainable goal for yourself today to reclaim your self-esteem.

Try something new for Sunday lunch, go exploring in a new neighborhood, or read a book you’ve been meaning to read.

The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after taking on a new challenge, no matter how small, will boost your confidence for the week ahead.

In the meantime, Mercury is forming a sextile to Chiron, allowing for healthy communication.

As a result, today is an excellent day to resolve any conflicts you may be having.

You’ll use more tact in your putting.

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