Young Adult Book Review: Jacqueline Wilson’s The Lottie Project


The Project for Lottie

About Jacqueline Wilson

Doubleday, 5,99 GBP

And what’s that book about?

It is written from the point of view of an 11-year-old girl, Charlie, who is famous at school. When she is asked to study the Victorian era, as her Victorian character, Lottie, Charlie chooses to write a diary. She deals with family problems through this and her own diary, such as her mother losing her job, dating, and new friendships.

Who does the book target at?

For adolescents 11 and up, I would recommend the novel.

What was your favourite component?

The way it moves between the viewpoints of Charlie and Lottie is what I think makes it so easy to read over and over again.

What was the least favorite part of yours?

At times, I had trouble with the character of Charlie and her propensity to just try to get attention, but later in the plot, that makes sense.

What character would you like to meet most of all?

Jo, the mother of Charlie.

Why is it going to buy you?

It’s the ideal mix of lessons that are never repetitive in educational history, and two parallel fictional stories with strong-willed and convincing characters.


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