‘You’ll never be the same again.’ Andrew Marr’s departure from the BBC has left admirers bereft.


‘You’ll never be the same again.’ Andrew Marr’s departure from the BBC has left admirers bereft.

Following Andrew Marr’s announcement that he will be departing the BBC after 21 years, many have expressed their disappointment.

Andrew Marr announced on Friday that he will be quitting the BBC after 21 years to pursue a new career with Global. On Twitter, the host broke the news to his followers, revealing that he will be leaving the BBC in the New Year.

“Personal announcement,” Andrew said, in light of his 196,000 followers. I have decided to leave the BBC after 21 years.

“I left behind a lot of fond memories and lovely coworkers.”

“However, starting in the New Year, I’ll be heading to Global to write and host political and cultural shows, as well as write for newspapers.”

“I think British politics and public life are going to have an even more volatile decade, and as I’ve said, I’m delighted to get my own voice back,” the host stated in another tweet.

“I’ve been doing Andrew Marr’s program every Sunday morning for 16 years, which is probably more than enough time for anyone,” he said.

Andrew’s fans reacted quickly to the news, with many offering “best of luck” wishes to the broadcaster.

“What a big loss to the BBC Andrew, but what an incredible contribution over such a long time,” Lewis wrote. “Good luck with your new job.” “Wow, amazing news indeed,” Tanya replied. It astounds me that you’ve been there for so long; I remember when you first started, and it seems like yesterday. “Wishing you luck at Global.” “Gosh Andrew, that’s major news, a significant loss for the BBC,” Ed wrote.

“Wishing you the best of luck.” It was working with you on the Marr show that was one of the most fulfilling periods of my career. “You’ll be sorely missed!” (sic) There will be more to come…


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