‘You won’t be able to recuperate.’ ‘He was a warrior,’ Chris Eubank said of his son Sebastian’s death.


‘You won’t be able to recuperate.’ ‘He was a warrior,’ Chris Eubank said of his son Sebastian’s death.

CHRIS EUBANK spoke up on Good Morning Britain about the murder of his son Sebastian, revealing that he will be establishing a new foundation in his honor.

On Tuesday’s edition of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, middleweight champion Chris Eubank chatted with Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid about his spectacular career. The boxer and TV host also paid a moving homage to his son, Sebastian Eubank, who died in Dubai earlier this year at the age of 29.

Sebastian, Eubank’s son, died of a heart attack after going for a sunset swim in Dubai in July of this year.

“You know, I’m on television, so I have to be impartial,” the boxing champion boldly recalled the trauma of losing a close family member as he told the hosts: “You know, I’m on television, so I have to be objective.” “I’m not going to have a nervous breakdown.” Despite his fortitude, Eubank, 54, was greatly touched by Sebastian’s death during the summer.

The boxer confirmed, “No parent can get over.”

“You invested all this time, all this love, from birth to 29, and then he’s gone.”

You won’t be able to recover from that.”

Eubank said that his son had been in Dubai just days before his 30th birthday to continue his humanitarian efforts.

“When I look at Sebastian’s life, I see a great champion,” he remarked.

“In the sense that he was out there helping the poor, the disenfranchised, and the youth, my son was a warrior.”

‘Sebastian was a great champion,’ says the author. ‘My son was a warrior,’ @ChrisEubank says, eloquently, about how he’s carrying on his son Sebastian’s legacy.

He claims he “rejoices” Sebastian and that he knows his son is with him.

@richardm56 | @susannareid100 pic.twitter.com/VHkIfDrlH4 He went on to say that his kid was “huge on Africa” and recalled his involvement in the Sudanese protests in 2018-19.

Eubank’s legacy will now be carried on through a new foundation named after him.

He will also be responsible for Sebastian’s surviving family, which includes his own son Raheem Sebastian, who was born just one month before Sebastian died.

Despite the fact that Eubank admitted he would never get over his son’s bodily death, he believed Sebastian was still with him in some way.



“But the inner you, if you believe in the spirit realm,” he informed the hosts, “I know my son is with me.”

Sebastian worked as a personal assistant as well. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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