‘You will be sorely missed.’ Clive Myrie of Mastermind says his goodbyes to a BBC colleague who is a “legend.”


‘You will be sorely missed.’ Clive Myrie of Mastermind says his goodbyes to a BBC colleague who is a “legend.”

CLIVE MYRIE has said his goodbyes to one of his BBC colleagues.

Clive Myrie, the new host of Mastermind, took to social media to say goodbye to one of his coworkers. The BBC’s One O’Clock news editor received a message from the broadcaster.

This follows the announcement by BBC News creative director Chris Cook that their colleague Louise would be quitting the show.

The BBC boss reposted the post on Twitter, calling her a “legend of the One o’clock News.”

“This One o’clock News icon is editing her final One – and she’s got @CliveMyrieBBC with her!” he wrote.

“Goodbye, Louise; it’s the end of an era.”

Chris also included a photo of Louise and Clive at work at the BBC.

Clive also expressed his congratulations in a post in response to the news.

“Louise is going to be terribly missed!” wrote the presenter.

Several more BBC performers joined Clive in commenting on the news.

“Louise is everything that is good about BBC News: focused, committed, scrupulously fair, no nonsense, brilliant news sense, and stands up for her programme,” BBC Breakfast host Chris Mason wrote.

“You will be sorely missed.”

“Ravens exiting the Tower!” added journalist Amanda Bruckshaw. Good luck to Louise and the remaining few of you x.”

Clive also made his first appearance as the host of Mastermind yesterday.

As he sat on the chair, the BBC presenter put himself in John Humphrys’ shoes.

His initial appearance drew acclaim from critics and the audience alike.

After that, one of the participants cried, bringing the program to a close.

This came after they advanced to the show’s semi-finals thanks to their impressive knowledge.

Clive expressed his delight at the prospect of taking on the post in an interview with the BBC recently.

“It’s an icon of British television, and it’s been handed to my hands,” he remarked.

“It’s a big, big, big responsibility, and I’m clearly following in the shoes of John Humphrys, who has been amazing for so many years, so there’s some trepidation,” she says.

“But there’s also excitement because it’s a new initiative, and the program is something I grew up watching, so being a part of it now is incredible.”


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