‘You stuck up for yourself,’ Lady Gaga says in response to Britney Spears’ thank-you note.


‘You stuck up for yourself,’ Lady Gaga says in response to Britney Spears’ thank-you note.

‘I prayed that the court system would treat you as a human being.’ ‘You’ve eternally changed the direction for women in this field,’ Lady Gaga stated. Britney Spears slammed Christina Aguilera on Friday, November 19, on Instagram for refusing to discuss about the former’s conservatorship ending. She praised Lady Gaga for speaking out about her abusive conservatorship and providing her with the necessary assistance in another Instagram story. After a few hours, Lady Gaga responded to Britney Spears’ social media message, which instantly went viral.

The ‘Bad Romance’ singer repaid the favor on Instagram, applauding Britney Spears for forever changing the course for women in the industry. If given the chance, the 35-year-old pop singer declared her desire to cooperate with the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker. When Britney’s conservatorship ended a week ago, the award-winning singer shared a photo with her from the American Music Awards (AMAs).

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Britney Spears raises a glass of champagne to freedom as she expresses her gratitude (hashtag)

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Christina Aguilera is being sued by Britney Spears for refusing to speak about her conservatorship victory.

Britney Spears’ thank-you note gets a response from Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga posted a selfie from her bed in response to Britney’s viral post, captioning it, “Love you Britney Spears.” “Enjoy life to the fullest.” “I prayed for the court system to respect you like a person,” she said. You’ve forever altered the course of women in this field.” “You stood up for yourself and were so brave,” Gaga concluded. “Thank you very much.” “I have admired @britneyspears her entire career,” Gaga stated while tweeting the AMAs picture a week ago to celebrate Britney’s conservatorship triumph. I looked up to her and respected her strength—she had and still has the ability to empower so many people.” “I couldn’t be happier for you today,” she continued. You never deserved what happened to you, and thank God for that, because today you’re a rockstar and a superhuman. “I’m in love with you.” When asked if she would like to work with Britney, Gaga responded yes while promoting her new film ‘House of Gucci,’ adding that one of her favorite Britney songs is ‘Oops… I Did It Again.’

“She’s a lady in this business that,” Lady Gaga says of Britney Spears, revealing her favorite Britney song. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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