“You sound hungover,” Kaleb Cooper mocks co-star Jeremy Clarkson’s radio appearance.


“You sound hungover,” Kaleb Cooper mocks co-star Jeremy Clarkson’s radio appearance.

JEREMY CLARKSON has spoken out about his friendship with Kaleb Cooper, his Clarkson’s Farm co-star. He talked about their on-set interaction, which is both funny and serious at times, as well as his former Top Gear coworkers.

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has reacted to a remark made by his co-star Kaleb Cooper. In an interview with Zoe Ball, Jeremy mentioned a story about a colleague making fun of him.

He just texted me and said, “You sound hungover.”

Clarkson, Jeremy

When the topic of Jeremy’s Clarkson’s Farm sidekick came up, he was telling Zoe on BBC Radio 2 about how he spent his time during the pandemic.

The radio host inquired about Kaleb’s health.

Jeremy responded by stating Kaleb was on vacation.

Kaleb had gone out of Oxfordshire, where the program is filmed, for his first holiday last week, according to the Grand Tour star.

He laughed, “He’s never had a holiday before, and it’s all gone to his head.”

He explained, “Now he’s just sent me a text stating ‘you sound hungover.'”

He went on to say that Kaleb had left him in charge of the farm alone while he went to the beach.

“I know you’re listening,” he joked to Kaleb. Nothing has been lost. Yet.” Jeremy and Zoe discussed the upcoming season of his show Clarkson’s Farm in depth.

They discussed his passion in farming as well as his ideas for the show.

Jeremy reacted with his own description of farming when asked if he understood the farming lifestyle.

“Farming is 400 hours a month for very little pay to generate food for people who believe you’re trying to kill them,” he remarked.

“Bloody crap, it’s a lot of work.” Also, the pay is bad, but I enjoy it.

“There’s something about stomping around and watching the cows…”, says the narrator.

He went on to describe how pleasant it was to farm early in the morning.

When asked if Richard Hammond and James May had visited the farm, Jeremy replied that one of the fields had been named after James, but “not in a good way.”


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