‘You reap what you sow,’ as the saying goes. In the midst of Chrissy Teigan’s ‘cancellation’ battle, Piers Morgan slams her.


‘You reap what you sow,’ as the saying goes. In the midst of Chrissy Teigan’s ‘cancellation’ battle, Piers Morgan slams her.

PIERS MORGAN has reacted angrily to Chrissy Teigan’s admission that she was “struggling” after joining the “cancel club.”

After model Chrissy Teigan confessed her troubles with being a member of the “cancel club,” Piers Morgan, 55, criticized her. The former Good Morning Britain host said he has no sympathy for John Legend’s wife, claiming she “revelled” in canceling other people’s appointments.

Following bullying allegations against her in June, Chrissy said that she is struggling and has joined the “cancel club.”

“Cancel club is an enthralling experience through which I have gained a great deal of knowledge.

With a snapshot of her lying legs in loose jeans, she said on Instagram, “Only a handful understand it and it’s difficult to know til you’re in it.”

“And it’s difficult to talk about it in that way because you plainly sound irritable when you’ve definitely done something wrong.

“It’s just a pain in the neck. There is no such thing as victory. However, there is never any here,” the model and cookbook author noted.

Piers responded by mocking her outrage over the issue on Twitter, claiming she has “reaped” what she has sown.

“Awww, diddums,” Piers typed. She couldn’t care less about the countless people she enjoyed violently canceling and assaulting.

Ms Teigen, you reap what you sow,” he concluded.

His followers weighed in on the topic in response to the post, with some defending Chrissy.

“Give her a break,” one person commented, “she plainly has mental health issues, which are easy to spot when you have them as well.”

“Leave her alone, she’s a legend!” said another.

“Well said,” commented a third.

Courtney Stodden, who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, revealed harsh tweets and direct messages they received from the model while they were a teenager, prompting the model to issue a lengthy apology to Medium last month.

Courtney made the announcement in a May interview with The Daily Beast.

Courtney, who married Doug Hutchison, a 51-year-old acting teacher, when she was 16 years old, said the model sent them messages asking them to “have a dirt nap.”

Courtney explained, “She wouldn’t just openly tweet about wanting me to take a ‘dirt nap,’ but she would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself.”

“Things like, ‘I can’t wait for you to die,’” she says.

Chrissy admitted that she had bullied others in her apologies, referring to herself as a troll.

She thought she was building something safe. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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