‘You put forth a lot of effort! ‘ Ben Hillman yells at a guest at A Place in the Sun for making difficult requests.


‘You put forth a lot of effort! ‘ Ben Hillman yells at a guest at A Place in the Sun for making difficult requests.

When his selection of residences failed to impress the guest and their partner who were looking for their forever home in Almera, Spain, BEN HILLMAN slammed the house hunter on A Place in the Sun.

In a recent replay of the Channel 4 show, A Place in the Sun host Ben Hillman was helping couple Sue and Ali discover their new house in Almera, Spain. At first, the pair appeared to be ideal visitors, as they were both interested in looking at residences away from the ocean. Ben, on the other hand, became irritated with the couple and referred to them as “hard workers” as the search progressed.

Sue and Ali were considering making a permanent move to the sunny shores of Spain.

They had a £70,000 budget and were looking for a two-bedroom property with plenty of room for their German Shepherd.

Ben shocked himself when he asked the pair whether they would be willing to look inland.

Sue observed, “We don’t go to the beach,” and Ali agreed.

Ben remarked, “I don’t hear that frequently.” “Are you willing to help out around the house? Are both of you tool-savvy? ”

“I admire that confidence,” Sue replied, and Ben added, “it might be good with what you’re looking for with your budget.”

The presenter’s hunt didn’t start well, as the couple were unimpressed with the terraced house he had to offer.

Ben’s third alternative satisfied Ali, but Sue was not so readily persuaded.

“I know Ali, you really enjoyed the last place, didn’t you?” Ben stated outside the fourth villa. Do you have the same thoughts? ”

“No,” Ali responded, and Ben inquired, “What isn’t working?” ”

“All of it,” she retorted, and the host exclaimed, “Oh, wow.”

Sue remarked, “It appears to be fine.” “It doesn’t appear to be particularly large, but I could be mistaken.”

“Well, it’s a nice two-bedroom property, but we only have about a fifth of an acre this time,” Ben explained. “It’s our first house that’s come in under budget, little under £70,000.”

“Don’t jump up and down all at once,” he joked after being met with silence.

Sue retorted, “Well, it’s not exactly under budget, is it?” ”

Ben replied, “Oh goodness, you’re hard work,” and Sue concurred, “We’re hard labor.”

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