You may be surprised to learn that some of your favorite soap performers are related — From Corrie cousins to hidden spouses, there’s something for everyone.


Brinkwire has cast an eye at some of the soap stars you might not have realised are related to each other in real life including Coronation Street’s Brook Vincent and her cousin Ellie Leach

Many soap stars have been very open about the connections they share with their co-stars in real life.

While some of these connections are public knowledge, other details of their private lives have not been thrust into the limelight.

Some stars have proved that acting is in their genes by starring in Britain’s biggest soaps such as Eastenders and Coronation Street with their siblings or other relatives.

And some have tied the knot with their co-stars, taking the connection home as well as on-screen.

Brinkwire has cast an eye at some of the soap stars you might not have realised are related to each other in real life.

Coronation Street actresses Brooke Vincent and Ellie Leach may play step-sisters Sophie Webster and Faye Windass on the soap, but they’re also related in real life.

Brooke and Ellie are cousins, and Ellie joined the soap when she was just nine years old.

At the time, Brooke said: “I am chuffed to bits for her. She has made me so happy.

“We are all thrilled about it and I can’t wait to be with her on set to show her around.”

EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick found out he was related to his co-star Charlie Winter after joining the cast of the show.

Jamie only made the discovery after having a hunch the pair were related and doing some investigating into his family background, OK! online reports.

He said: “My great uncle is called Charlie Winter, so when they said there was a kid coming in called Charlie Winter, I was like, ‘Seriously?’.

“Turns out we are second cousins.”

Acting talent clearly runs in the Flanagan family, as youngsters Amelia, Isabella and William are all regular faces in the ITV soaps.

Amelia, 12, plays April Windsor, Marlon’s daughter, and has been there since 2014.

Meanwhile, nine-year-old twins Isabella and William are both in Coronation Street.

Since 2017, Isabella has played Fiz’s daughter Hope Stape, while William has played Chesney’s son Joseph Brown since the same year.

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb is well known for playing Debbie Dingle for the past 18 years.

A little known fact is that her brother is also a soap star.

Her sibling is Jamie Lomas who played Warren Fox in Hollyoaks until 2011, and later Jake Stone in EastEnders.

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