‘You look fantastic!’ Bradley Walsh is taken aback by Anne Hegerty’s new look.


‘You look fantastic!’ Bradley Walsh is taken aback by Anne Hegerty’s new look.

BRADLEY WALSH was left speechless after Anne Hegerty debuted her new hairstyle on Wednesday’s episode of The Chase.

Bradley Walsh welcomed four new candidates to take on Anne “The Governess” Hegerty on Wednesday’s edition of The Chase. Kathryn, Lynne, Dan, and Kieran had to team up in order to win the most money for their cash fund. Bradley, on the other hand, was distracted by Anne’s entrance before the game had started.

“Anne, I adore your new haircut,” Bradley said as Anne walked out to confront the first contender.

Anne answered, “Thank you very much, Bradley.”

“That’s fantastic,” the host added. “You look fantastic.”

“I’ve got mine done just like yours,” contestant Kathryn said, pointing to her own haircut.

Some viewers adored Anne’s new style, and many took to social media to express their feelings, while others were divided by the quizzer’s appearance.

“Love the new haircut, Anne,” one wrote.

“Anne, I love you…,” said another.

yet you’re not sure about the hair?”

“I don’t mind Anne, but the hair?” wrote a third.

“Anne looks great with her new haircut,” said a fourth.

Kathryn was the first contender to go head-to-head with Anne as Bradley continued the show.

However, she was the first player to be sent home, so luck was not on her side.

After storming through the quick-fire question round, Lynne went up against The Governess.

She also kept up with Anne and was able to win £5,000 for the team’s cash fund.

Dan, a delivery guy, was the next participant to try his luck in the question round.

He was able to successfully answer six questions, earning Bradley’s praise: “Nicely played, Dan.”

Dan had the option of accepting a larger offer of £40,000 or a smaller offer of $1,000 from Anne.

He chose to be conservative and stick to the £6,000 he had previously received.

Dan seemed to impress Anne as well, as he advanced to the final round.

Despite a shaky start, Kieran made it all the way to the final round.

The trio then met Anne in the final round, and although giving it their all, they couldn’t overcome Anne, who beat the team’s 19-step target with 18 seconds to spare.


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