‘You have to adapt!’ Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm describes a ‘difficult’ life change.


‘You have to adapt!’ Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm describes a ‘challenging’ life change.

During an interview on James Martin’s Saturday Morning, Amanda Owen of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM spoke out about a “challenging” change she made to her life.

This weekend, Amanda Owen was a guest on James Martin’s Saturday Morning, where she talked about her hit Channel 5 show, Our Yorkshire Farm.

Her new book, Celebrating the Seasons with the Yorkshire Shepherdess, was also discussed by the star.

However, while speaking with TV chef James about her lifestyle, the farmer admitted that when she first moved to Ravenseat Farm, she was forced to adapt her way of life.

Amanda told me she’s originally from Huddersfield when we were talking about her life before moving to Ravenseat.

James, curious, inquired of the shepherdess about her adjustment to the remote hill farm.

“What was that like, that transition? It must have been a shock, wasn’t it?” he wondered.

“Or not?” James inquired. “Were you used to it because, as you say, you were into farming anyway?”

“It’s pretty remote in that part of the world,” James said, emphasizing how remote Ravenseat Farm is. “I know that area quite well.”

“You’re pretty much there; people see it on TV, but it’s a long way away,” the chef observed.

“It’s very far away,” Amanda responded.

It is, after all, one of England’s highest and most remote hill farms.

“I mean, it’s a difficult place to be in at the best of times,” she admitted.

When she first moved to the hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales, the shepherdess admitted she had to make some changes.

“You have to adapt to the ways of the place,” Amanda explained, “and it definitely shapes your entire character.”

“I believe one of the most important concepts you must grasp is self-sufficiency.

“Everything isn’t at your fingertips.”

“You’re pretty much there doing your thing, and you have to work with the produce and what you have,” she explained.

“Where is the nearest hospital from there? It’s a long way away isn’t it?” James inquired, referring to Ravenseat Farm’s remote location.

“We use time to measure distance,” Amanda explained.

“Due to the winding old roads, a country mile is very different from anywhere else.”

“Like Cornwall, you don’t judge it by its distance because it doesn’t work!” James added.

“Exactly,” replied the Yorkshire Shepherdess.

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