‘You have no idea what you’re doing! Jeremy Vine illustrates the UK’s perplexing mask restrictions.


‘You have no idea what you’re doing! Jeremy Vine illustrates the UK’s perplexing mask restrictions.

JEREMY Vine used a board to demonstrate the perplexing mask-wearing restrictions in place across the UK as he slammed the UK governments for failing to implement a blanket agreement.

Jeremy Vine chastised the government for conflating mask-wearing with required mask-wearing in Scotland and simply advising mask-wearing in England. London, on the other hand, has chosen to go its own way, with Mayor Sadiq Khan opting to keep masks mandatory. Mr Vine attempted to explain the situation by displaying a map of the United Kingdom on which he drew the many regulations that people had to follow depending on where they resided.

Mr Vine hauled out a giant map of the United Kingdom and drew on it to highlight the restrictions across the country while speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show.

“So first and foremost, in England, the Government says, here’s the key thing: it requires you to wear a mask on buses and trains,” he continued.

“And the issue is, the bus and rail companies in England won’t make you, and it’s a condition of carriage right here at Newcastle Metro.

“Manchester Metrolink,” says the narrator. Yes, you must wear it on those occasions, but not on buses.

“London has this TfL power, so they’ve been able to say yes to trains and buses in London. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, wants the police to be allowed to step in and find people, which they can’t do right now.

“It’s now compulsory in Scotland, and you can be penalised if you don’t wear one on a bus or train, and it’s the same in Northern Ireland.

“You can be penalised in Wales, exactly as Scotland, and that is the scenario.

“The issue is that in England, you have no idea what you’re doing; we’re all over the place here.”

“Perhaps we should just say, if you don’t wear a mask, you’re going to be tossed out the door whether the train is moving or not.” The legal obligation to wear masks in public spaces was repealed on July 19, but some have argued that it should be reinstated.

The Labour Party has asked the government to preserve the masks for public transportation, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan insisting on their use.

Despite police threats to enforce the laws, numerous people, like Martin Daubney, have been seen not wearing them while traveling. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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