‘You appear to be brand new! ‘: Mrs Hinch fans give the perfect cleaning tip for sticky flooring.


‘You appear to be brand new! ‘: Mrs Hinch fans give the perfect cleaning tip for sticky flooring.

CLEANING aficionados offered a method for removing sticky floors. Fans of Mrs. Hinch claim that this will make your flooring “look brand new.”

Mrs Hinch is a well-known cleaning influencer on social media, having over 4 million followers. Fans have formed their own Facebook groups where they frequently exchange cleaning and organizing advice.

“Anyone know how to get rid of sticky floors?” one person questioned in the group. It’s still sticky after ten moppings with bleach, defo, fairy liquid, and Spanish floor cleaning! ” Many people who had the same difficulty offered their own suggestions.

Many people, however, suggest that the best choice is to use a substance that almost everyone has at home: washing powder.

The toughest stains – or even a sticky floor – can be removed by mopping the floor with water and washing powder.

One commenter commented, “My mother used to work in a pub and she used soap powder, which smelled fantastic as well.” The original poster responded, “Wow thanks for this suggestion, this genuinely took the stickiness away thank you.”

One of them said, “A little washing powder.”

“Washing powder!” exclaims the narrator.

“Says another,” he adds.

Many people, however, revealed that vinegar is another solution that works wonders on unclean floors.

One user advised, “Put vinegar in your hot water and use a decent mop.”

A second person replied, “Piping hot water and vinegar should do the trick.”

“It will take a few washes to clear it up, needs to be really hot water and white vinegar…” remarked a third. “Hot water drop of vinegar,” said another.

Another user concurred, “Just clean in hot water and a little white vinegar.”

Elbow grease, according to some cleaning fanatics, is also effective.

“Elbow grease spray, I use a steam mop so I spray as I go (spray elbow grease over a specific amount all the way along then go over it with a steam mop) it’s the only thing that has gotten my floors clean and looking fresh & no sticky flooring,” one admirer explained.

Elbow Grease is available on Amazon.

Another said, “Elbow grease and steam mop.”

Other fans offered advice on what you should never do when cleaning your floors. “Avoid using fairy liquid. One of them said, “It’s getting worse.”

Another added, “I find fairy liquid makes it worse xx.”

A third person observed, “Fairy liquid makes your flooring stickier.”


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